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Edit: I left a comment on the discussion page of the List of Pokemon by Color page of Bulbapedia and I think it pushed them to update the page for Gen VII. Seems like they agree with my reasoning.

Previous response:
I based this off the actual in-game Pokedex on my copy of Moon for Alolan Rattata, which sorts both it and Raticate as black (and Alolan Grimer as green). All Bulbapedia says for them and most other Alolan forms is "other forms may have other colors". They also say this for Pokemon like Shellos/Gastrodon, so it's a bit ambiguous, but It'll ultimately be up to jdthebud as to how he wants to handle this if/when he updates the rules for Su/Mo. I figured this would be the most official way of handling it for now. Granted, I'm not very far into Moon, so seeing other choices they make as to how the Pokedex sorts by color might color my decision on the matter (pun totally intended). So, not so much an "error" but a decision I consciously made. Thanks for the feedback though! For now I added a note to my post explaining my reasoning.


Also thank you for posting since now I can post a new update without triple posting :3

Forever ago, long before this latest fervor of playing that I've had, I started a Blue run on my physical Platinum cartirdge so I could play it on the bus. I finally got around to finishing it recently!

Ultimate Blue Monocolor Challenge (Platinum) - First and FINAL Update

It's kinda silly by how much the Blue runs seem to be the easiest. The only thing that gave me trouble in the run was of course Cynthia, and only because I couldn't be bothered to grind before the E4 (as always). For that fight, putting Light Screen on my Luxray was the best thing I have ever done in my lifetime. Empoleon's Quick Claw came in cluth as well, but if I could have gone back in time I probably would have chose a different Water type, since the weakness to Ground was fairly crippling. P.S. Garchomp is realreal strong.


Neptulon the Empoleon, Lv. 52 @ Quick Claw
-Flash Cannon
-Ice Beam

Thaddius the Luxray, Lv. 54 @ Razor Claw
-Light Screen
-Thunder Fang

Oregorger the Garchomp, Lv. 54 @ Dragon Fang
Sand Veil
-Rock Slide
-Dragon Claw
-Brick Break

Cyanigosa the Altaria, Lv. 52 @ Soothe Bell (oops)
Natural Cure
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance
-Draco Meteor

Algalon the Azelf, Lv. 52 @ Spell Tag
-Shadow Ball