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esipode's question made me do this and i have exams all throughout this week
my priorities literally do not matter

EDIT: a lot more values that are a lot better and that i'd actually be interested in changing!
shoutouts to esipode again for finding 136684 way before i did

fire red - miscellaneous summary screen values that somewhat make sense
as they appear in my notes:
when i say "character limit" it's more accurate to say "loaded amount of characters"

13627E - character limit for shown OT
1362B2 - character limit for OT ID, natively supports 7 before showing NONE at the end
1362C8 - character limit for level shown next to pokémon's name
136378 - character limit for current hp
13639C - character limit for maximum hp
1363FA, 136432, 136468, 13649E, 1364D4 - "something probablyTM" but i haven't found anything that it changes
136534 - character limit for attack
136552 - x-value for stats (signed int but only on background?)
13656E - character limit for defense
1365A4 - character limit for sp. atk
1365DA - character limit for sp. def
136610 - character limit for speed
13664C - character limit for maximum experience
13666A - x-value for both experience values (signed int but only on covered area)
136684 - sets the exp to next level to 0 when the level is this +1
1366C0 - character limit for experience to next level
136992 - character limit for current pp
1369CA - character limit for max pp
136A7E - character limit for base power
136A9C - the accuracy value replaced by --- (0)
136AD4 - character limit for accuracy
136DCE - x-value for text in top left
136DD0 - y-value for text in top left
136E92 - x-value for the level above the sprite
136E94 - y-value for the level above the sprite
136EB2 - x-value for the name above the sprite
136EB4 - y-value for the name above the sprite
136EE0 - x-value for the pokémon gender (female)
136EE2 - y-value for the pokémon gender (female)
136F20 - x-value for the pokémon gender (male)
136F22 - y-value for the pokémon gender (male)
136FD0 - x-value for pokémon name
136FD2 - y-value for pokémon name
136FF2 - x-value for pokédex number
137004 - y-value for pokédex number
13701E - x-value for OT name
137020 - y-value for OT name
13703A - x-value for OT ID
13703C - y-value for OT ID
137056 - x-value for item
137058 - y-value for item
1370C2 - x-value for egg state description
1370C4 - y-value for egg state description
13710A - x-value for hp
137122 - y-value for hp
137136 - x-value for attack
137148 - y-value for attack
13715C - x-value for defense
13716E - y-value for defense
137182 - x-value for special attack
137194 - y-value for special attack
1371A8 - x-value for special defense
1371BA - y-value for special defense
1371CE - x-value for speed
1371E0 - y-value for speed
1371F4 - x-value for current exp
137206 - y-value for current exp
13721A - x-value for exp to next level
13722C - y-value for exp to next level
137B3E - x-value for base power
137B40 - y-value for base power
133B62 - x-value for accuracy
133B64 - y-value for accuracy
137B96 - x-value for move description
137B98 - y-value for move description
137C4A - x-value for ability name
137C4C - y-value for ability name
137C66 - x-value for ability description
137C68 - y-value for ability description
138A80 - x-value for first type
138A82 - y-value for first type
138AA4 - x-value for second type (first screen)
138AA6 - y-value for second type (first screen)
138ADA - x-value for first type (when move selected)
138ADC - y-value for first type (when move selected)
138AFC - x-value for second type (when move selected)
138AFE - y-value for second type (when move selected)
138BB4 - change it to anything lower than 64 to badeggify the team entire
139CF4 - x-value for poké ball shown
139CF6 - y-value for poké ball shown
139E5C - x-value for pokémon icon (when move selected)
139E5E - y-value for pokémon icon (when move selected)
13A028 - x-value for the thing that shows you have selected a move (the red border)
13A154 - initial y-value for the thing that shows you have selected a move (the red border)
note   - the y-value shown on-screen is dependent on position.
0203B16D - position of the move selected
0203B16E - position of the move selected to switch
13A6E6 - partitions on hp bar?
13A904 - exp bar y-value
note   - x is in r1 but values i thought would work aren't
13A9DC - when the pokemon level is this +1, then the exp bar in the summary will not show any progress
13AC24 - pokérus indicator x-value-loaded on direct access
13AC26 - pokérus indicator y-value-loaded on direct access
13AD98 - pokérus indicator x-value-loaded on switching pokémon
13AD9E - pokérus indicator y-value-loaded on switching pokémon
13AE20 - something x-value - same as shiny indicator
13AE22 - something y-value - same as shiny indicator
13AF26 - x-value shiny indicator when move selected
13AF2C - y-value shiny indicator when move selected
13AF40 - shiny indicator x-value
13AF46 - shiny indicator y-value
13B040 - markings x-value
13B046 - markings y-value
i'll organize it sometime or something

EDIT2: but blurose! there are multiple x-values for a few things!
haha ye i know and i have no idea what the difference is, either!
it's important to know that the x- and y-values don't match with what is shown in vba as x-/y-values (usually)

EDIT3: found a few more values
still searching for the x-value to the pokémon sprite itself (likely not hardcoded at this point)
am i cool yet