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I am expressing my interest in the RP and hope to have an SU done soon. Perhaps by this weekend. Here is my WIP SU. SU Finished.

Genevieve “Eve” Bohneur




Eve stands at an average height of 5’ 8”, with a relatively curvy body and well toned muscles. She has dark brown hair, styled in a fringe on her left half with the other half of her hair shaved to a very short length. The styling of her hair serves to make her one maimed eye, obscured by a black eyepatch, relatively inconspicuous. She has ear piercings and one on her lip. On the left side of her body lay tattoos on her left forearm, both biceps and the left side of her hip. Almost always obscured by her pants and shirt are several scars from gang fights.

Underneath her jacket (pictured here) and other layers, she wears a crop top and midriff jacket, along with worn pants and combat boots.


Seemingly a product of her upbringing, with tattoos, scars, piercings, an eyepatch and projecting a pugnacious and aloof air to her, she seems to be quite uncouth and brash. Never one to shy away from expressing her grievances or slights done to her, Eve has a sharp tongue and can be equally vicious with her words as with her fists if need be. These aspects of her personality come with the notion that survival is key and that it’s necessary to be forceful in order to survive. Not simply a brawler and smack talker, there is a wit to her words and fighting, done out of necessity and with a keen sense of perception. But what motivates her to keep fighting? Ambition. It was ambition to get out of the mukhole she was in, to maybe one day live a prosperous life with more than enough to be comfortable. Always the first one to put herself on the line and take the initiative, these attributes have led to success in both her life as a criminal and as a Mediator, with the duality of her go-getter attitude not lost on herself.

Beneath her exterior, there is definitely exists a part of her that speaks to her inner vulnerabilities involving grappling with trust and all sorts of missed opportunities that came with a traumatic and wrecked childhood. Granted, it’s not a side she shows often, not wanting anyone to exploit these “weaknesses.” Still stuck in her survival mentality despite her increase in wealth and status that feels like a luxury, Eve has yet to substantially form relationships beyond coworkers and associates. This is where she begins to stumble, be awkward and struggle to connect, much to her embarrassment and frustration.


Growing up in the roughest areas of the slums, Genevieve quickly learned the number one rule of living out in the world: it’s every person for themselves in a mad, mad world. Like most in the slums, she grew up in little more than a glorified shack with destitution and little prospect to even make it to the status of an average resident, let alone the unattainable fantasy of Hightown. Her parents certainly didn’t help in the matter, both barely functional enough to get booze, drugs and occasionally enough to eat, much less show her affection and love beyond the powerful haze of drugs and alcohol. Left a lot to her own devices, she would often be out on the streets scraping something up to eat, sometimes to no avail. As a child at the age of eight, Eve was recruited into a gang to be a pickpocket. It was no difficult task to get her to join; if you help us out with this, the older gang members said, you get a small cut. Small and quick on her feet, it was something that a small child like Eve could accomplish with ease. She came to regard the gang as a source of security and a way to fill the void of affection left hollow by her parent’s neglect.

Into her early teens, Eve was asked to do more and more for the gang: rob, fight, represent and scam. In order to pledge her loyalty as a full scale member, she got several gang tattoos on her left side and piercings in her ears and lip. Things were looking up as she rose to greater and greater things, finally turning something out of her meager existence. She finally had enough to eat for the most part and gained a modicum of respect as Eve began building up a reputation for being particularly eager and brash in her gang. At age 18, the successes she built up had a major obstacle that taught her the true meaning of trust and friendship in this world. A friend and fellow gang member was looking to accomplish a significant heist on one of the residents and needed Eve’s assistance. They told her that it was against a rival gang and would earn her great earnings and respect. She eagerly agreed, wanting to get another step ahead in the game after seven years of service. Unfortunately, this heist was a setup by said friend, looking to betray her and the gang in exchange for a better cut of profits. Caught unaware, Eve had little time to react before being incapacitated and being brutally beaten down, even taking her left eye in the process.

Despite this betrayal, she kept chugging away in her gang activities, though progressively being less effective because of her distrust of people. It eventually reached a point where the danger and destructive consequences of her lifestyle began to slowly dawn on her, particularly after many narrow scrapes with the law and unable to satisfy her inner sense of ambition. These things ate away at her ever until she hit an epiphany while observing an average family. The thoughts that entered her head no longer concerned with being another target to mug and a source of envy. It became something that made her seriously reconsider being a criminal for the first time in her life. Shortly after, by this point tentatively doing small time work for the gang, encountered a Mediator. The Mediator had a sense that the woman was slowly edging away from a life of criminality to one of uncertainty. Having recruited from these streets before, the man, Marcus Hainley, approached and Eve, now 20, and talked to her, giving her the firm ultimatum of either continuing down her life of criminality and ending up or doing something with her life and become a Mediator. She took him up on the offer, and started her new life in the Residence and very slowly built up her reputation under an extensive period of close scrutiny and starting from the lowest of tasks to something she could call respectable ongoing to the present day as a Freelancer. Now with a place in the Residence Hall and actual worthwhile possessions to her name, things are looking up for the first time in her life.

6-round red revolver wand. Also carries a butterfly knife.

Spell List:
Fire Storm
(Fire+Gale)[Salamander Flower Petals and Highstrider Fur]
A wind-whipped torrent of flames, creating a storm that not only physically burns but spreads searing heat over a wide area.

Fire Whip
(Whip+Fire+Gale)[Formine Vine, Salamander Flower Petals and Highstrider Fur]
A tendril of flame laced wind extends from the wand. Fine adjustments of the whip are possible while channeled with intent alone.

(Arrest+Corroding+Hydrate)[Stirge Venom, Slime Residue and Aquamarine]
Water dilutes the acid in the slime residue to create a poison that renders the target lethargic and ill, rendering the target far less able to resist the constricting properties of the spell.

Atom Blast
(Blast+Light+Levitate)[Saltpeter+Spark Salt+Fogdrifter Antennae]
Acting as both a spell for disabling and damage, the spell blinds the target and a wide swathe surrounding it while damaging the target and lifting them helplessly in the air.