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    lol nice salt

    also i fixed download, we were having a problem with it in clover
    .org 0x908C30
    	mov r0, #4
    	mul r0, r5 @r5 is the bank
    	ldr r1, flags
    	add r2, r0, r1
    	ldr r0, [r2]
    	mov r1, #1
    	lsl r1, #23
    	and r0, r1
    	cmp r0, #0
    	bne set
    	ldr r0, pointer
    	strb r5, [r0]
    	ldr r0, [r2]
    	orr r0, r1
    	str r0, [r2]
    	mov r0, #0
    	b end
    	mov r0, #1
    	bx lr
    .align 2
    flags:	.word 0x02023DFC
    pointer: .word 0x02023FDB
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