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Posted December 13th, 2018
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First of all, my apologies for lacking in updates, I got caught up in a Nuzlocke competition through Reddit and I was dedicating all my time to it (I only came in 2nd :/ ). That being said, I'm totally excited by the number of people participating in this and keep the thread alive, so thank you <3

Anyway, I finished my FireRed run!

XS Class Monosize Challenge (FireRed) - Second and FINAL Update

Badges: 8

The E4 didn't go AS well as I was hoping, namely because a few team member didn't really pull their weight (Digit in particular) and I also forgot some things in my preperation for it (like I for got to switch out Cut on CH'DING with Secret Power). Nevertheless, it got done!

I think I'm safe in saying Jiffy was the MVP of the E4. He filled his role as "best Ice Beam available to me" and quite a bit beyond that.

Spoiler: Video of E4 and Champion

The Team:

Hiccup the Raichu, Lv. 57
-Brick Break
-Light Screen

Jiffy the Wigglytuff, Lv. 58
Cute Charm
-Ice Beam

Sidd the Vileplume, Lv. 55
-Petal Dance
-Bullet Seed
-Sleep Powder

CH'DING the Farfetch'd, Lv. 56 @ Stick
Keen Eye
-Aerial Ace
-Swords Dance

Digit the Dugtrio, Lv. 55
Arena Trap
-Double Team
-Rock Slide

rofl the Flareon, Lv. 55 @ Quick Claw
Flash Fire
-Secret Power
-Shadow Ball

HM Buddies:
Voltorb- Flash
Lapras- Surf, Rock Smash

Spoiler: Former Members

Squirtle, Lv. 16