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I have to point something out here. Regular anxiety, as we all experience from time to time, is not psychopathology. Anxiety disorders, as described clinically, is definitely severe and not at all normal or regular. Same goes for having depressive moods and actual depression. Anxiety and depression might be more common but they can definitely be severe.

That said, I do understand the differentiation you're trying to make here. I have hair pulling disorder/trichotillomania and some major obsessive-compulsive tendencies. It's not enough to call OCD but it's far from healthy. I've been able to control these things because I found out the names for them. Being able to specifically name (a set of) behaviours is really helpful in the process of understanding what you exactly are suffering from and where it stems from. It also makes it way easier to explain your problems to other people and possibly find appropriate help. None of these things are fixed, but I've been able to control them for a while now. Especially the trichotillomania, which was a huge stressor back when I was really pulling a lot.

Other than that, I know I have suffered a major trauma that still impacts me. It came from a rather silly thing but combined with other things that were happening at the moment it's impacted me so much that it's become really severe and hard to get rid of. It's been 10 years now, I've been in therapy for it last year. Unfortunately, it helped only a little bit and at this point I know the only way to really get rid of the problem is to move out of my current home. That is gonna happen in September when I move to Spain for studies, so I hope it doesn't follow me to there.