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    Made a lot of progress since my last update. Been meaning to write this update for a while but just haven't gotten around to it until now. I've beaten White and Alpha Sapphire over the last week.

    Pokemon White Update

    White was pretty much a breeze until the end game, which is a pretty common theme in these solo runs. I take out the first 6 or 7 gyms super quickly and then get stuck on the last gym and E4+Champion because of how easily Pikachu gets OHKO'd. Regardless, I was eventually able to take down the E4 and N and Ghetsis basically by spamming swagger and praying Pikachu didn't get hit. I jumped in to AS pretty much right away after beating White.

    Forgot to mention! I forgot to pop a repel and ended up running in to a shiny Shelmet! Pretty incredible considering it's the first time I've ran in to a shiny in the wild and I almost always use repels on these runs so I don't encounter wild pokemon often. I couldn't believe it.

    Final White Stats (plus Shiny Shelmet!)

    Yunachu, Level 73 (Modest)
    Rain Dance | Thunder | Swagger| Brick Break

    Pokemon AlphaSapphire Update

    AlphaSapphire was probably my easiest run yet. The first gym was a pain due to basically only being able to use Quick Attack against Geodudes, but eventually I was able to brute force it and take down Roxanne. The rest of the game was super easy as I had either neutral typing or a type advantage for most of it. Ironically my biggest challenge was May and her Swampert. I thought I was smart by choosing torchic so May would choose the water type, but I played myself by forgetting that Mudkip becomes Water Ground. But the E4 and even the Champion were relatively easy compared to previous games. Double Team spam made it almost impossible for me to be hit, even by Earthquake which always OHKO's me, and I was able to Thunder or Brick Break my way through everything. Only 3 gens to go! Getting started on Platinum next!

    Final AlphaSapphire Stats

    Yunachu, Level 66 (Modest)
    Electro Ball | Brick Break | Thunder | Double Team


    Ultimate Solo Challenge Progress

    Yellow: 8/8 (Complete!)
    SoulSilver: 16/16 (Complete!)
    A. Sapphire: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Platinum: 8/8 (Complete!)
    White: 8/8 (Complete!)
    X: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Sun: 7/7 (Complete!)

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