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Posted December 13th, 2018
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Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke - Fourth and FINAL Update

Spoiler: Video of Hall of Fame

Infosheet (Catchlist, Final Team, full Honored Dead list): Click here

Finally got around to finishing my Moon run! Two deaths right before the E4 ( :( ) resulted in me needing to grind two new members up from scratch, which was a real drain on me. Also as a result of this, in combination with me not thinking to turn of Exp Share, the rest of the team got fairly overleveled, making the E4 pretty painless. No more deaths!

Biggest thing I got out of this run is a profound respect for both Bastiodon and Ribombee. Heidi and Tuffee were definitely the cornerstones of my team throughout the majority of the game.

Honored Dead:

Bouncee the Tsareena, Lv. ?-53: Got Counterd by Hapus Mudsdale during the Grand Trial battle while the Mudsdale had like, 1 HP left :(

kek the Toucannon, Lv. 3-55: Took Haus Inceneroars Inferno Overdrive from full health in the fight right before the E4 :(