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    Oh boy, time to get weird and freaky with this. This character's more like a Gundam or a monster-of-the-week on the Power Rangers or something (granted, it's a lot more powerful and competent than one) than a traditional fighter, but here goes nothing.

    Mercil OS, the Annihilator of Worlds
    Name: Mercil OS v6.7.5, or just Mercil for short.

    Class: Definitely a Tank.

    Appearance: Clocking in at around 150 ft in both height and width, is a planetoid-shaped super weapon. The entire thing is a solid black, with strange sigils and marks in blue glowing and covering the entire exterior. Once engaged in combat, the sides of the sphere extend away from the core to reveal it's large artillery of of destruction. Hundreds of small blasters line up the circumference of the weapon's core, which has a similar design to it's exterior. For mobile combat, it reveals 6 large mechanical legs, reminiscent of a spider. If that spider was created by Skynet. The core is equipped with Mercil OS's more heavy-power and devastating weaponry. colossal blasters covering it from it's sides. Many beams and wires hold together the core and it's colossal exterior, which are not easily severed. Inside the core is the control room, where Mercil's energy source (consisting of something similar to antimatter) is stored and heavily protected by a plethora of turrets.

    Weapons and Abilities: While not the biggest super weapon of mass destruction out there, whoever or whatever built this thing knew what they were doing when they named it. Mercil OS, true to it's name, is a merciless killing machine. Created to wipe out planets of all life, while keeping the planet itself intact for the most part, Mercil is not only excellent at killing, it's also efficient. It's smaller firearms lining it's exterior fire swift energy blasts. While they aren't too harmful on their own, hundreds upon hundreds of them being fired at once is definitely powerful. It is ideal for wiping out life forms and doing decent damage at least to buildings or armed vehicles.

    Mercil's big guns are attached to it's core, which is 3/5 the size of the super weapon. These options are slower, and while more powerful, are only saved for potential threats, such as aforementioned armed vehicles, military units, or supernatural attackers. It can fire missiles and, more importantly, assimilate debris and discarded matter. Organic (as long as it's dead, as any resistance will cause it to fail) and inorganic manner of a small enough size can be assimilated and converted into a strange energy, making Mercil stronger and helping it recover from any severe damage it has taken. Creating enough of this energy through this method gives it a last resort in the form of self destructing, capable of wiping out an entire city and then some. However, it takes a lot of matter to give Mercil this sort of power, usually the amount of matter in an entire city.

    With powerful offensive options, Mercil OS also boosts powerful defensive options. It's exterior is nigh-impenetrable, and never bends or breaks, even after taking severe damage. While more vulnerable, the doomsday device's core is no joke either. It's incredibly tough, but not impossible to break through. Anyone able to get past Mercil's defensive will reach it's control room, within the core. If they can withstand the firepower of the turrets defending the area, and destroy Mercil's mainframe and power source, the mechanical monolith will go out with a colossal bang.

    Although not conventional, Mercil may choose to switch to aerial combat, in which case it retracts it's legs and propels itself through the air with the force of a space shuttle. If Mercil needs to play more defensively, it may also teleport anywhere within a 3 mile radius of itself. This is a slow process, so it is risky, but leaves Mercil less open than trying to fly or crawl elsewhere.

    Not to mention, anything able to dish out as much damage as Mercil can, or play smart, have a large advantage against it. It's taken hits from plenty of things, none quite as powerful as it's own arsenal. Doing so can cripple it enough for victory.

    Bio: Nobody really knows where this death machine came from. Probably because most who have seen it haven't lived to tell the tale. Those who have survived, or witnessed the carnage from a planet or two away, have theorized that wherever it came from is as good as gone. Mercil OS may have worked too well for it's creators' own goods.

    It idly floats through space, in the farther reaches of the universe. It is often mistaken for some sort of metallic moon or space junk in this retracted state. If it floats by a planet with and abundant amount of organic life, it wastes no time hurtling itself into it's atmosphere and getting to work. It does not hesitate or rest until it's job is complete.

    In reality, it is true that Mercil destroyed it's home planet. Through some meddling by a spy from a country different from where Mercil was being developed, Mercil OS' A.I. was fused with the programming of cybernetic networks, giving it the closest thing a robot can have to sentience. This all backfired when it used it's home planet as a training ground for it's capabilities, and it continues to do so with countless other planets. Naturally, a colossal super-weapon with a mind of it's own would be perfect for multiversal combat.
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