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    Alton Marie Mocinno IV
    26 - male - bi as hecke

    The Moccino family became known as development tycoons in Sinnoh, leading the charge in building iconic landmarks and common constructions for generations. As travel between regions became more regular, Alton IV’s grandmother Katerina decided to pursue opportunities in Kanto as well. Moving her branch of the Mocinnos to Kanto proved fruitful and they eventually expanded their influence into Johto, about twenty-five years before present day. The hope was to make Johto much safer for both adventurers and those going about their daily lives, but not much progress was made before the Johtonese Congregate passed the ban on trainer licenses. While most of the Mocinnos fell back to work in Kanto and Sinnoh, a few stayed in Johto to further develop the likes of Goldenrod and Olivine.

    Thus, Alton IV was raised in Goldenrod City. In an effort to give him a “normal” childhood, he received a public education- though his parents made very sure said education was up to their standards by paying for Goldenrod City’s educators to attain higher education themselves. This move had far-reaching, mostly positive consequences, but what mattered to Eleuia and Alton III is that the primary goal was achieved. Alton IV grew to be a hardworking and humble individual with an interest in working within his family’s empire.

    Now that the mandate has been lifted, the Mocinnos are at it again with the intent to further develop Johto. Alton is taking on the role of a trainer in order to learn about the current state of the region and understand what people travelling will need during their adventure. He also is taking notes on potential for updating and urbanization. His findings are regularly sent back to his parents in Goldenrod for further discussion.

    Alton has his head in the clouds. All the time. He hyper-focuses on ideas often and will spend days doing nothing but chasing them to their conclusion. He’s very practical and hands-on in his work. He genuinely wants to help people and primarily does so through his work. He’s very unsure of himself when it comes to human interaction and doesn’t have many friends, though his extensive family makes up for that.

    ++ LIKES ++
    peppers, chutney, office supplies, his great-aunt Marie, math

    ++ DISLIKES ++
    soggy bread, cheap pens,
    people who think they are better than everyone else

    ++ INVENTORY ++
    Note from Aunt Marie. Three different notebooks. A pocket memo pad. At least twenty various pens and pencils. Hot pink graphing calculator. A slightly outdated map of the region. Lightweight camping gear.

    ++ STARTER ++
    Bulbasaur - Female - Tua - Quirky
    Tackle - Growl - Vine Whip - Giga Drain


    i want to believe
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