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Posted December 13th, 2018
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Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge (Moon) - Second Update

Saved right after Olivia.

This island definitely was a lot more smooth than the first. The team is almost all together, just one more bro to pick up on the next island. Bringing in Veni/Whirli/Scolipede through Island Scan was defnitely a solid choice, he's a beast.

The only really awkward fight was having to wait out Totem Lurantis' Sunny Day boosted Syntheses. Everything else went fine.

P.S. Acrobatics is a bonkers move to have access to this early in the game. OP


Liepard the Torracat, Lv. 30
-Fire Fang
-Leech Life

Accelgor the Ledian, Lv. 31
Early Bird
-Silver Wind
-Hidden Power (Grass)

Lunatone the Lycanroc, Lv. 29 @ Hard Stone
Vital Spirit
-Rock Tomb
-Bulk Up
-Hidden Power (Fighting)

Donphan the Scolipede, Lv. 30 @ Poison Barb
-Bug Bite
-Iron Defense
-Poison Tail

Rapidash the Goldeen, Lv. 27 @ Eviolite
Swift Swim
-Aqua Ring
-Fury Attack
-Smart Strike

Braviary the Fletchinder, Lv. 28
Flame Body
-Work Up
-Flame Charge

Ultimate Green Monocolor Challenge (AlphaSapphire) - Third and FINAL Update

Run Complete! (Hall of Fame)

Nothing major to report, everything went smooth for the rest of the game. Didn't feel overleveled either.

Xatu slid in perfectly to the team as a replacement for Dustox. Really good, needed coverage for a lot of the teams weaknesses.

E4 was super fine. No major crises and no excessive healing needed. Ludiocolo really pulled their weight throughout, something they hadn't really done the rest of the run, so that was nice.


Mawile the Sceptile @ Sceptilite, Lv. 56
Overgrow / Lightingrod
-Night Slash
-Dual Chop
-Leaf Blade

Spinda the Ludicolo, Lv. 56
Swift Swim
-ice Beam
-Grass Knot
-Brick Break

Shiinotic the Breloom, Lv. 56
Effect Spore
-Seed Bomb
-Sky Uppercut
-Bulk Up

Yanma the Vibrava, Lv. 56
-Dragon Claw

Noctowl the Xatu, Lv. 56
-Dazzling Gleam
-Confuse Ray
-Air Slash

HM Buddies:
Latias- Cut, Fly, Soar
Wailmer- Waterfall, Strength, Rock Smash, Dive