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Posted December 13th, 2018
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LeafGreen - COMPLETE
Spoiler: Elite Four and Champion

Overall I would say this run was /exceptionally/ easier than I was expecting. From my limited experience in this sort of thing (in Emerald), this was quite the step down. Trainers in this game seem to not like coverage moves all that much, which makes team building significantly easier. Granted, a lot of careful planning on my part went into ensuring the run went as smoothly as I could make it, but the same was true with Emerald as well.

The MVP was without a doubt Sloan. The mixed bulk of Snorlax with the addition of Normal typing makes it the /perfect/ mon for this sort of thing. I feel like I cheated by giving it Belly Drum near the end, but hey, I'm just using the tools I'm given : p

One thing I do feel weird about is that because the Champion doesn't have a "thematic type", I used a bunch of resistances on him, making him probably one of the easier fights of the E4. I don't know if that was the right call to make on my part, but I'll think about that going forward

I'm sure the runs will start to ramp up in difficulty rather signicantly. After all, not every game will provide a Snorlax for me to lean on ; )


On to HG/SS!