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I don't really want to take this thread off-topic, but... well, I can't let false claims sit around like that.
I would like to take the chance to say a good thank you for all the good times I've had since I joined back in 2009-- A peaceful, calm and happy healthy community where everyone communicated nicely until this particular user that came along.
And the fact that the admins and mods are actually taking his side of sob story. Whelp. Whatever. It's just a forum.
Firstly - not cool airing your grievances publicly like that. Imagine you were described like this "particular user" - I bet you wouldn't feel happy about it.

Secondly, please don't assume that we're "taking his side of sob story". We look at both sides of reports made, and also allow people to appeal any matters to higher staff. It's unfair to paint us as some people buying into some frankly fictional sob story. I'm fairly sure the person you're referring to has been banned in the past as well too, so your claim just simply does not stack up to the facts.

Thirdly - I'm sorry that one member is making things uncomfortable for you, but if they don't keep breaking rules, they have the same right to the forum as any other member. The Ignore User feature is in place to allow you to enjoy PC without having to worry about someone you may not like, and it really is a simple solution. I hope you reconsider leaving forever because of one guy who you can easily forget about with that option.

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