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Like fun!? Remember he said fun!! I'll give my friends some specialities!!! lolololol!!

frostweaver: Hydropump, Withdraw, Psychic, Hyper Fang, Mist!

Kayleigh: Sway, Agility, Sweet Scent, Charm, Razor Leaf!

22sa: Sky Attack! & Spark! & Reflect!

Kairi: Beat up , Teleport (Sorry frosty ), Hyper Beam Attack!

Miyu-chan: Pursuit , Kinesis, Confusion, Metronome! (Oh I just remmebered! ->)& Pat on the back!

Dizzy: Flame Wheel!

Haruka: Poison Sting!

PokeTrainerCarol: Flamethrower, Barrier!

Dratini: Recover, Surf, Attract, Wing Attack!

Catriona: Transform, Metal Claw!

Syrusv1: Fly, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Aero Blast!

Yami NiCk: Karate Chop, Submission, Agility, Sonic Boom, Spark!

Anyone I missed....? Yah.... lots X_X

Lightning: Quick Attack, Thunderbolt!

tmbjr: Psybeam, Smokescreen!

Arcanine: Sludgebomb! (No Extreme Speed for you! )

Soph: Thundershock, Heal Bell, Thunder!

oni flygon: Drill Peck!

latiosspud: Vine Whipe! & Softboil!

Fire Master: Ember, Will o' Wisp! (sp??)

PokeMaster3000: Flash, Air Cutter, Meditate, Hi Jump Kick!

silverfrost: Ice Beam, Screech, Wing Attack!

100marios: Solar Beam!

Yamichu: Hidden Power!

*Okay*, I'm getting tired. =P

. きみさえ~ いれば
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