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Posted September 13th, 2018
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BINGO! challenges completed: 1/20


So I played a lot today. No, more. I finished the 2nd challenge...


Did not expect it of course. Here's a quick summary of what happened.

I made it to Kanto and challenged all the gyms there. Except for Blue, they were all walk-in-the-parks. Blue had the level advantage, which made it a bit harder, but still nothing to fear.

Oak let me go to Mt Silver, and that's where the real grinding begun. I rebattle the E4 multiple times, I stroll for hours through the grasslands and caves of Mt. Silver and in the end, I'm sick of it.

So, even though I'm pretty underleveled, I decide to try my luck and challenge Red:


He starts of with Pikachu, I with KOROL. Pikachu is faster, but his Charm fails. KOROL uses Earthquake, ohko.

He brings out Espeon, I swap KOROL for KOROVA. He uses Reflect and since he's male, I can use Attract. Now, I use one X Attack, and when he hits with Psychic, I heal. Mostly, he's infatuated though, and I finish it with Shadow Ball.

He chooses Snorlax, I swap KOROL back. I'm faster, and use Toxic. He Amnesia. After one X Attack I start Double Kicking, until his HP is over halfway down. He then KOs me with Body Slam. I send KOROVA back in and use Attract to possibly prevent damage. It works. Snorlax is infatuated twice when I've started my Rollout. He faints from poisoning.

I still have 3 rolls left, only becoming stronger, so I don't swap out when he chooses Venusaur. He uses Sunny Day and one Solar beam, but can't handle a lvl 3 and 4 Rollout and faints.

Although my HP is almost down, I don't swap when Charizard comes into play. Who know, maybe he uses a status move. Unfortunately, no. Charizard is faster and Flamethrower KOs KOROVA, after a fantastic streak.

I send out ZUB, and throw Surfs at Charizard, while he keeps using Flamethrower. I win, so Red is down to his last pocket monster.

Red sends out Blastoise. I decide to keep ZUB with ~1/3HP in the game and use Slash for some damage. I could even slash a second time, since Blastoise uses Rain Dance first, but after that ZUB faints. Time for OVTSA to finish the job. Blastoise uses a by rain strengthened Surf first, which deals quite some damage, but a well aimed Thunderpunch is enough to win the match.

Winning team

ZUB @lvl 61
- Surf
- Bite
- Slash
- Ice Punch

KOROL @lvl 54
- Double Kick
- Earthquake
- Trash
- Toxic

KOROVA @lvl 57
- Body Slam
- Rollout
- Shadow Ball
- Attract

OGON @lvl 55
- Flamethrower
- Thunder Punch
- Sunny Day
- Strength

OVTSA @lvl 56
- Thunderpunch
- Fire Punch
- Light Screen
- Flash

PTITSA @lvl 56
- Fly
- Psychic
- Thief
- Giga Drain
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