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Sven Dynasty Prowers

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Origin: Quest Island, or Seven Island in the Sevii Islands as everyone knows.

Strength/Weakness: Sven is a rather odd individual. He instead prefers analyzing the situation before acting. However, instead looking for obvious hints, he instead first ignores them, considering them null, analyzing the more obscure and hidden hints. Of course, he later on then considers all hints together. This leads to him having a more distinct, but less obvious method. Of course, he's not a genuis, so his argument isn't always correct, so there can be a small space for error.

Asides from that, Sven is always thinking of unorthodox methods, as well as thinking on how to solve things. He's very affectionate if needed, and a seeker of truth. He tends to chase down whatever his next clue is, and thus, he seems to be an active person for his job. He's decently accessible, though only opens up after a while. Tends to work himself too hard, and sometimes forgets to eat something, hence why it's a good idea to remember him. In fact, he leaves stuff a mess, and keeps forgetting some of the most obvious things, since he's delved in his Notebook. Due to that, it's always good to have someone to keep an eye on him. Adventurous, he doesn't turn down a good adventure, as long as it has it's share of mystery.

Bio: Sven was born in the Quest Island. Since early, he developped a love for discovering mysteries, including the ones related to the Unown at his home island. Once he was 12, he decided to enroll in a small detectives academy, managing to graduate decently well. He recieved a pair of Pokemon to assist him, a Buizel and a Duskull. Since then, he became somewhat of a notorious detective on the search of truth.

Eventually, his fame did extend farther than just one island. Soon enough, he became well known in the Sevii Archipelago. In fact, well known enough to even start working in Johto at the age of 17. There, he dealt out some of the interesting cases. Of course, he wasn't top class, but he was up there. After all, you gotta gain some good reputation first.

That was until a certain point. He was asked to take a case in Ignea. And since he didn't hear of that region yet, he thought it would be a good idea. So he packed his things, and leaving everything behind, he parted off to the arid region of Ignea, taking the train from Goldenrod City. He then started his long trip to Ignea.

Name: Jojo (The First)

Species: Pansear

Sex: Male

Strength/Weakness: Jojo, or Fire Jojo as he's known as, is a rather nice Pokemon. He's not really much into causing troubles. That is, Fire Jojo is pretty much a weak Pokemon, and he's the weakest member in Sven's Team.

Move Set: Amnesia, Natural Gift, Fury Swipes, Fire Spin

Name: Jojo (The Second)

Species: Pansage

Sex: Male

Strength/Weakness: Unlike the other Jojo, this one, also known as Brocolli Man, is a real trickster, and always pulling pranks on others. However, despite this playful personality, this is one of Sven's most Powerful Pokemon, able to develop strategies on it's own even without it's trainer.

Move Set: Seed Bomb, Leaf Storm, Spiky Shield, Rock Tomb

Name: Jet

Species: Buizel

Sex: Male

Strength/Weakness: While this Pokemon is Strong, it's mainly a loner, who rarely likes hanging out. Instead, it prefers training itself to the limit, aiming to become the Best Pokemon, sometimes working itself too hard.

Move Set: Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Brick Break

Name: Void

Species: Dusknoir

Sex: Male

Strength/Weakness: This Pokemon is complete silent. It barely socializes, and instead tends to be lurking in the shadows. It only comes out if it's trainer orders it, and on dire situations.

Move Set: Fire Punch, Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, Thunder Punch


(Just imagine that Snivy in a Navy Blue Color, Kay?)

Sex: Male

Strength/Weakness: Kenshi is a great tactician and extremely fast, but he tends to come off a bit cold sometimes, and even has paper thin defenses, in contrast his higher speed. Oh and he's able to talk.

Bio: Kenshi used to be Experiment Number 32, a Blue Snivy genetically modified to be able to speak. The Creators wanted a Perfect Pokemon, and Kenshi wasn't considered one. During the early times of his life, he was rather forced to see the lab every day, save the rare occasions where he had to act in a freak's show. Since early, he took interest in Ninja stuff, and even wanted to become one.

Then one day, an idea crossed his mind. During a trip in Ignea, Kenshi managed to grab the keys to his cage, and escape it, running from it's trainer. He ended up running for a couple miles before losing the track of his Trainer, but ended up losing all strength left in him, due to lack of food and water, and ended up blacking out in the arid region.

Move Set: Leaf Blade, Double Team, Toxic, Leaf Storm

Sub-Move Set: Cut, Vine Whip, Grassy Terrain (To make things grow, and even plants to aid climbs or crossing over), Defog

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