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I've started this in the previous thread, but I just sign up again.
Forum Name: Suon
Game(s): Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Ruby, Diamond, Black
Pokémon Type: Ground
Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: 5x Single

5 Single Ground-type Challenges

"Be honest, Suon. When is the last time you won a battle in your Gym? Sorry, let me rephrase that. HAVE you ever won a battle in your Gym? Don't answer, we both know the answer is 'no'. I feel for you, Suon, I really do, but a Gym is supposed to be a challenge for young trainers. Some win, some lose. It shouldn't be a walk in the bloody park! Oh, and by the way! In order to be a Ground type Gymleader, you need a Ground type Pokémon! When is your Nidoran ever gonna evolve in a Nidoking? It's basically too old to fight already!
"I'm sorry, Suon, but I'm afraid we have to let you go. No, don't say a word, the decision has been made already. We have found a suitable replacement for you, who will be there as soon as he finished his current business. Your landlord should be there any minute to collect the keys. Go home. Maybe visit Professor Oak. And if you ever want your Gym back, you have to show us that you're a worthy Ground type Master!"


I leave the Viridian Gym and go south to Pallet Town. I speak to Professor Oak, and he thinks it's a good idea to start all over again. So I leave my beloved but old Nidoran♂ behind and get a new Pokémon: Squirtle. Oaks grandson, Blue, challenges me to a duel immediately, and I win my first match in years!

I start my travel. Apparently Squirtle isn't strong enough to carry me over water, so we go back North again. We pass Viridian City, make it through the forest and reach Pewter City. Gymleader Brock was making fun of me (he always had), so I taught him a lesson of revenge (even though his Pokémon are awesome...).

On route 3 I find a Pokémon worthy of joining my team, a Nidoran♀. And not much later, I stumble upon a Geodude. I caught both of them. And even though Squirtle made me win matches, I struggled to bond with him, so send him back to Professor Oak.

Nidoran♀ and Geodude seem pretty strong, and in Mount Moon Nidoran♀ evolves in a Nidorina. Making our way through the Tunnel, we find a Moon Stone, so I evolve Nidorina again in a Nidoqueen. Awesome! Now they'll surely hire me back at the Gym!

On route 4, just before Cerulean City, I catch another mate, a Sandshrew. In Cerulean I call the League, but apparently I only get my Gym back if I really prove my strength. "Battle the other gyms in Kanto and we'll see how strong you've become."

Misty has always been nice to me, but I decided not to challenge her yet, due to the serious disadvantage of my Pokémon. I train all my Pokémon on the routes north of Cerulean City, and Sandshrew evolves in a Sandslash.

We get a ticket for the S.S. Anne and after a long journey south make it to the ship in Vermilion City. Here we get a CD which teaches the HM Cut. East of Vermilion, I catch a Diglett.

I can't enter Lt. Surge his gym yet, so I backtrack to Cerulean and challenge Misty. Even though there's a type disadvantage, my Nidoqueen OHKO's her Staryu and manages to paralyze her Starmie, gaining speed advantage in the battle and Body Slamming her way to victory.

Now I can challenge Lt. Surge as well. Do I need to tell you how I beat the arrogant b*****d?

Diglett evolved in a Dugtrio, and for the first time in my life, I'm starting to feel like a real Ground Master.

I make my way to Celadon City, after passing through Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town. My Geodude evolved in a Graveler. In the PokéCenter I find someone (who looked astonishingly similar to me...) who is willing to trade with me, in order to evolve my Graveler. Now I have a Golem!

We beat Team Rocket in the Game Corner and get a Silph Scope as reward. We go back to Lavender Town, where I ran into a cute Cubone, carrying a thick bone, dealing heavy damage. I caught it, trained it, and evolved it into a Marowak (ooc: actually this Cubone didn't hold a Thick Club. I taught Thief to Dugtrio and used it on other wild Cubone. It only took me about 6 tries). Apparently, I have to beat Team Rocket again, and this time we get a Flute as a reward.

I go south to Fuchsia Town, where we play the Safari Game and catch a Rhyhorn. We also challenge Koga, who has higher level Pokémon, but we have the type advantage.

My plan is to go back to Pallet Town and surf south to Cinnabar Island, to battle Blaine. That shouldn't be a problem, and it's possibly a good warm up for my gymbattles with Erika and Sabrina. First however, I have to find some Pokemon to get me there...

My team:

Level 33 | ♀ | Hardy | Poison Point | no hold item
Attacks: Body Slam, Shock Wave, Attract, Double Kick

Level 33 | ♂ | Sassy | Rock Head | no hold item
Attacks: Rock Throw, Magnitude, Rollout, Mega Punch

Level 32 | ♂ | Quiet | Sand Veil | no hold item
Attacks: Dig, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Return

Level 33 | ♂ | Brave | Sand Veil | no hold item
Attacks: Dig, Secret Power, Toxic, Mud-Slap

Level 32 | ♀ | Adament | Lightning Rod| Thick Club
Attacks: Bonemerang, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Headbutt

Level 31 | ♂ | Gentle | Rock Head| Quick Claw
Attacks: Rock Blast, Strength, Stomp, Tail Whip

Professor Oak gave me Squirtle back, the one I used in the beginning of this new adventure. It had learners how to use Surf and it took me to Cinnabar Island. Here, I challenged Blaine. My Ground types crushed him. Then I went back to Saffron City.

I beat Team Rocket and Giovanni for the second time and won my battle against Sabrina. Now, I went back West to Celadon and finally challenged Erika. I always had a bit of a crush on her, but could not stand her Pokémon. Thankfully, I was strong enough to beat them.

I have seven badges now, only the Viridian Gym left. My gym! I open the doors and see that the whole interior has changed. There's trainers everywhere, but I can't see the leader just yet. I beat all the trainers and finally notice Giovanni watching me.

How could the League appoint a crook like him to run my Gym?? I get furious and beat the hell out of him!

Now I have 8 badges and I can challenge the League. I do a LOT of training around Kanto and evolve Rhyhorn in a Rhydon, before I enter the first match.

Lorelei is so strong! I was so lucky to win this, with Sand Storm/Sand Veil and Toxic as my big assets.

Bruno wasn't a real challenge.

Agatha could be annoying, but we managed just fine.

Lance packed one hell of a punch, and I needed a few potions, but we came through.

Champion Blue was hard, especially Venusaur. A massive thanks to the attractive Nidoqueen.

Now that I am League Champion, I don't think they would mind giving me my Gym back. But instead, Professor Oak give the keys to the Gym to Blue!! Instead, he gives me a plane ticket. He tells me that a colleague of him needs help. And they need a master of Ground types to investigate...

My team:

Level 58 | ♀ | Hardy | Poison Point | no hold item
Attacks: Earthquake, Shock Wave, Attract, Super Power

Level 58 | ♂ | Sassy | Rock Head | no hold item
Attacks: Rock Blast, Earthquake, Rollout, Double Edge

Level 57 | ♂ | Quiet | Sand Veil | no hold item
Attacks: Dig, Aerial Ace, Sandstorm, Return

Level 57 | ♂ | Brave | Sand Veil | no hold item
Attacks: Earthquake, Secret Power, Toxic, Mud-Slap

Level 58 | ♀ | Adament | Lightning Rod| Thick Club
Attacks: Bonemerang, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Trash

Level 57 | ♂ | Gentle | Rock Head| Quick Claw
Attacks: Rock Blast, Strength, Stomp, Earthquake


I arrive in a little town called Littleroot, in a region called Hoenn. I've never been here before, so I'm anxious to find out what kind of Pokémon linger around here.

Why am I here? I'm here because there are some people causing havoc around the region, calling themselves Team Magma. Apparently, they want to expand the landmass of the region by awakening a legendary Pokémon called Groudon. A rivaling group of people called Team Aqua has asked Professor Birch, a local Pokémon researcher, to find some help. Birch talked to Professor Oak, who reached out to me, the new Champion of the Indigo League and Master of the Ground-type. So basically, I'm a consultant!

Unfortunately, my Pokémon don't fly well, not even on planes, so I had to leave them behind in Pallet Town. Professor Birch didn't have any Ground type Pokémon to offer me, but guaranteed me that I would become very fond of Mudkip, my new partner.

They've given me very little information to go on, and basically I should just go travel around the region to find Team Magma and try to stop them using whatever means necessary...

The first meeting with a member from Team Magma was in the Petalburg Woods. He was up to no good, so Mudkip beat the hell out of him!

In Rustboro City I find that there's Gyms in this region as well, and decide to challenge Roxanne. I have a massive type advantage, and Mudkip evolves in a Marshtomp. Which turns out to be a Ground Pokémon! Marshtomp happy, I happy, everybody happy.

I bump into the same Team Magma Grunt again, who started making trouble in the neighbourhood. I beat him again, and talk to the president of a big local company called the Devon Corporation. He asked me to go to Dewford Town to deliver a letter to his son, and to Slateport City to drop off a parcel to a captain.

In Dewford I deliver the letter and beat the local Gymleader. I then set sail to Slateport, deliver the parcel and fight with Team Magma, who where trying to steal the package. Hmm... there's definitely something fishy going on...

Team Magma fled and I head north to Mauville, where I battle Watson. Of course this isn't a problem for the high-leveled Marshtomp. After the battle, I continue north and find a small donkey-like Pokémon, Numel, and catch it.

The next time I run into Team Magma is in a cave with a waterfall, called the Meteor Falls, but I didn't get to fight them. It looks like they stole some kind of meteorite and ran off when Team Aqua came marching in. I talk briefly with their leader, Archie, who thanks me for helping out, and then go Mt. Chimney to chase after Team Magma. Here I find their leader, a wicked bloke named Maxie who wants to erupt the volcano, and fight him. We win, and Numel evolves in a Camerupt!

Hoenn is saved and I can finally take it easy. I climb down from the volcano and arrive in a small town called Lavaridge, where I beat the fire type Gymleader with ease.

Not far from Lavaridge is a small desert. Since there's no more time pressure, I spend some time here, enjoying myself and catching two new teammembers: Trapinch and Baltoy.

And now I'm stuck. I don't know where to go since I can't Surf yet. So I retrace all my steps and remember a gym in Petalburg City. I go here and indeed, the leader is ready for a battle. It isn't too hard though, and after I win, Marshtomp evolves in a Swampert and Trapinch in a Vibrava!

Now I can finally surf! And with 5 Hoenn Badges in my pocket and Team Magma defeated, nothing can stop me from becoming the Champion in this region too. Right?

My team:

Level 36 | ♂ | Bashful | Torrent | no hold item
Attacks: Surf, Mud Shot, Mud-Slap, Secret Power

Level 34 | ♀ | Brave | Magma Armor | no hold item
Attacks: Overheat, Magnitude, Rock Slide, Amnesia

Level 35 | ♂ | Calm | Levitate | no hold item
Attacks: Strength, Dragonbreath, Crunch, Dig

Level 26 | ♂ | Modest | Levitate | Exp. Share
Attacks: Psybeam, Ancient Power, Mud-Slap, Earthquake

My travels take me to a large building called the Weather Institute. At first I thought my eyes deceived me, but then it became clear: Team Magma Grunts everywhere, taking the scientists hostage! And I thought we defeated them?

Oh well, guess we just have to fight them again. We beat all of the Grunts and an Admin and free the scientists. It seems like Team Magma hasn't given up yet, and are searching for Groudon, the Legendary Ground Pokémon. And where is Team Aqua? Aren't they supposed to help out?

We reach the next town and the next gym. Winona is quite tough, but we manage, and Baltoy evolves in a Claydol!
When we get close to Lilycove City, I spy a few Magma Grunt, heading for Mt. Pyre. Naturally, I follow them. On top of the mountain we find Maxie, stealing on of the two Orbs that are being kept and protected here. Maxie and his Grunts flee before I can stop them, and the elder guardians hand me the other Orb, for the Orbs should never be apart...

And so I start searching for Maxie once more. I find their hideout in Lilycove, but he's not there. A Grunt however accidentally tells me he's off stealing a submarine in Slateport!

I fly to Slateport, but I'm too late. The submarine is gone. Quickly we fly back to the hideout, beat up all the Grunts I find in my path, but again, Maxie slips through my fingers.

I set chase on the big ocean, hoping to find a sign of Team Magma, but I will never find them without some kind of diving equipment. I do however stumble upon an inhabited island. Here's a space station and, even better, a Gym! The owners of the Gym, Liza and Tate, challenge me for a double battle. They didn't stand a change... But, now I can use a skill called Dive, and we can chase after Team Magma again.

I find the submarine and Team Magma in an underwater grotto, and am just in time to find Maxie awakening Groudon with the Orb he stole. Or did it react to mine? Anyway, Groudon suddenly disappeared and (finally!) Team Aqua shows up to tell Maxie he's a bad boy and the world is in danger. Of course it's up to me to save it.

It takes me ages, but I find a hidden village surrounded by mountains in the middle of the ocean, called Sootopolis. Here's a cave, called the Cave of Origins, where I find Groudon. I beat him, and the region is safe!

There's a gym in Sootopolis, the last test before the E4. It's leader, Wallace, uses Water-types. It was a long and hard battle, but we did manage to win and earned our free passage to Victory Road and the Hoenn League!

At the Victory Road we did a lot of training. To become the champion of this region, we need to be stronger than ever. We don't know much about our opponents, so we just have to rely on our own strength. And as a result of our hard training, Vibrava evolved in a Flygon.

The battles against the Elite Four were fierce. Each fight asked the most out of me and my Pokémon, but we did win. And the final battle, against Champion Steven, was one I'll never forget. Strength, strategy, healing, all was necessary to win. And we did! We are officially the new Champions of Hoenn!!

My team:

Level 49 | ♂ | Bashful | Torrent | Mystic Water
Attacks: Surf, Mud Shot, Brick Break, Secret Power

Level 47 | ♀ | Brave | Magma Armor | no hold item
Attacks: Flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Amnesia

Level 51 | ♂ | Calm | Levitate | no hold item
Attacks: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fly

Level 47 | ♂ | Modest | Levitate | no hold item
Attacks: Psychic, Ice Beam, Toxic, Cosmic Power
“You know,” said Arthur, “it’s at times like this, when I’m trapped in a Vogon airlock with a man from Betelgeuse, and about to die of asphyxiation in deep space, that I really wish I’d listened to what my mother told me when I was young.”
“Why, what did she tell you?”
“I don’t know, I didn’t listen.”