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    Chapter 3:

    Black Jack was hoping to find May in the room he just barged into. Instead, he found Adrian, one of Dr. Lawsons grunts, along with two tall and muscular men standing beside him. This shouldve meant trouble to Black Jack but being a proud and confident man, he saw this as a bunch of losers being there to waste his time.

    Adrian pointed at Black Jack. Number One and Number Two! he yelled. Show him no mercy!

    Number One took out his pokeball and tossed it out. Go! Fearow!

    Number Two tossed out his as well. Go! Machamp!

    A Fearow and a Machamp popped out of their pokeballs. Those two pokemon had their veins throbbing around parts of their bodies. Black Jack guessed that some types of chemicals might have increased their strengths.

    Time to show you freaks how weak youre truly are, Black Jack said as he tossed out his pokeballs. Blaziken and Feraligatr! Go!

    Blaziken and Feraligatr popped out of their pokeballs and yelled out their battle cries.

    Machamp! Number Two yelled. Tackle attack!

    Machamp charged at Feraligatr at high speed and shoved him into the wall of the room, making a huge crack in it. Feraligatr! Black Jack yelled. Get out of there!

    Too bad that Blaziken cant fly, Number One said, catching Black Jacks attention. Fearow! Drill Peck attack!

    Fearow dived directly at Blaziken while spinning like a drill, also at high speed. But Blaziken quickly dodged out of the way to avoid being hit.

    Too bad that Fearow cant score a hit! Black Jack replied. Seeing that Blaziken can take on Fearow without his help, he turned his attention on Feraligatr.

    Feraligatr shoved Machamp into another wall. He then gave him a punch to the face. Machamps eyes glowed red as more veins appeared on other parts of his body. Feraligatr stepped back in shock and confusion.

    Just dont let your guard down, Feraligatr! Black Jack warned. But it was too late, as Machamp came charging at him like a train moving at high speed, pushing and crushing Feraligatr through many walls.

    I dont like the look of this one bit, Black Jack said, looking at the action between those two. Cmon, Blaziken! Lets go!

    Blazikens eyes looked back at Black Jack as he was battling against Fearow. Fearow dived down at him again but Blaziken quickly reacted to that attack by swinging one of his legs upward, kicking Fearow in the lower beak to stop his attack. Blaziken followed up with a roundhouse Blaze Kick attack to Fearows face, sending him flying to the wall, knocking him out.

    Fearow! Number One shouted.
    You fool! Adrian shouted. How can you let a super pokemon lose to a pathetic one!?
    Nice kicks, Blaziken, Black Jack said with a smile. But right now, we gotta find Feraligatr!

    Blaziken followed Black Jack closely as they ran through the holes that Machamp and Feraligatr caused. Oi! Number One shouted. Get back here! Were not finished yet, you coward!
    I got better and more important things to do than waste my time with idiots like you, Black Jack replied as he and his pokemon ran through the damaged walls.

    Elsewhere in the base, Dr. Lawson was looking at a girl, who was tied to her seat. Youre an interesting girl, he said. Interesting towards my studies. I became quite impressed with the way youve tried to fend off my men until theyve finally strapped you on this comfy chair. Tell me, whats your name?

    Why should I tell you, bone-face!? the girl replied angrily, trying to be brave.

    Now dont be too nasty, child. I only want to give you something that no one would, a purpose in life.

    Why should I trust you? What do you want from me?

    Ah! Good questions. I dont want anything from you. But I will promise you this, you will become stronger and after I have finished studying and testing you, everyone will look up to you as though you have the potential to do everything.

    He let his hand out, wanting to shake the girls hand. Deal?

    Suddenly, Machamp and Feraligatr smashed through the wall of the room from the outside. What is this? Dr. Lawson shouted in shock and anger. Get out of here! This is not a stadium!

    Black Jack and Blaziken ran into the room where the damaged wall was and spotted the girl strapped to the chair. May! Black Jack yelled. Well get you out of here! But first, were gonna knock the brains out of that Machamp!

    Machamp held Feraligatr by the head and attempted to headbutt him in the face. Feraligatr retaliated by grabbing a metal pole off the floor and hitting Machamp on the head with it.

    Machamp became momentarily dazed. Hit him again! Black Jack yelled. Feraligatr did as he was instructed and used the steel pole to hit Machamps head again and again until Machamp fell to his knees.

    Number One and Number Two were creeping up behind Black Jack and Blaziken. But Black Jack and Blaziken quickly noticed and turned round to fight them.

    Black Jack gave Number Two a punch in the face. Number Two staggered back but recovered from the blow as he punched back at him. Black Jack recovered quickly and gave him an angry look. Stop wasting my time! Black Jack yelled.

    Number Two punched Black Jack in the face again, but Black Jack didnt even flinch. Number Two became shocked and scared as the angry Black Jack grabbed him by the neck and started pushing and choking him at the same time.

    Blaziken was fighting against Number One. Number One let out a loud roar as he charged at the calmed Blaziken. He went to punch him in the face but Blaziken easily blocked the attack and kicked him in the mid-section, staggering him. As Number One recovered from being hit, Blaziken shook his head in disappointment.

    This angered Number One a little bit as he again charged towards him and lifted up his arm to punch him in the face. Blaziken stood his ground, waiting for his opponent to finish his attack, but Number One quickly changed his attack to a sliding kick. Blaziken predicted that coming as he leapt into the air, making Number One miss his attack. Blazikens foot quickly landed on top of Number Ones face, smashing his head to the floor, making him unconscious.

    Adrian ran into the room to find out what was going on. He looked at Blaziken and smiled confidently as he sneakily took a pebble out of his pocket. Hell do good for the operations, he thought as he beckoned Blaziken to come and attack him.

    Blaziken knew that this would be a trick, but like Black Jack, hed never back down from a challenge as he quickly ran towards him. Adrian flicked the pebble directly at Blazikens face, but he saw it coming and knocked it aside. But the pebble was only there to distract him while Adrian was about to attack him. Knowing that this would happen, Blaziken confidently grabbed his incoming fist and twisted his wrist, causing Adrian to yell out in pain, he then quickly pulled him by the arm and gave him a karate chop to the shoulder, knocking him out cold.

    Blaziken noticed that May was still tied to the chair, and quickly tried to untie her.

    Back at Black Jack and Number Two, Black Jack kept on slamming Number Twos head against the walls. Not so tough now are you? Black Jack asked as Number Two was lying on the floor. He quickly spotted an operating table nearby with wheels attached to it and thought an evil thought.

    How about we go for a little ride? Black Jack asked evilly. He picked up the motionless man and placed him on the table. Black Jack ran as he pushed the table with Number Two on it.

    While he was pushing the table, he spotted Machamp and Feraligatr still fighting each other. Take a dive, Machamp, you insult for a pokemon! Black Jack snarled as he gave the table a great big shove. Feraligatr spotted the table coming towards him and Machamp and jumped out of the way. Machamp wasnt so lucky as he got caught with the collision of the table. The force of the table sent Number Two and Machamp crashing through the window. They fell seventy-feet, crashing to the ground, much to the shock of the people who were escaping the base.

    What happened? Max asked in a shocked tone. This didnt involve Black Jack did it?
    Gee, Meowth replied. I hope not, or else dee other guys would have a few words to say about dis.

    Isaac checked on the fallen Machamp and its trainer by feeling their pulses. Thank goodness, he said in relief.

    Back inside the building, Blaziken and May stared in awe when they saw what happened. Black Jack walked into the room, gnarling his teeth in frustrated manner then he smiled evilly. Is there a doctor in the house? he asked nastily as he looked round.

    To the pokemon, May, and Black Jacks disappointment, he was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, Black Jack said sarcastically.


    Alright, you guys! Isaac yelled, catching the poor peoples attention. As soon as Black Jack and May come out, we can all get out of here!
    Youre not going anywhere! an angry voice said.

    Everyone turned to the voices attention it was Dr. Lawson, holding a gun. Perhaps you all didnt hear me very well, he said. I tried to be nice to you people. But since that didnt work, Im now forcing to get back into the base and be operated so you will all work for Team Dark!
    So thats it! Isaac shouted. Ill take your bullet but the other guys will trash the other bases!
    Dont be a fool, Dr. Lawson replied. Just do as I tell you!
    We pay no attention to punks like you! said a nasty voice.

    A man knocked the gun out of Dr. Lawsons hand. He then forcefully made him turn to look at him in the face. That face belonged to none other than Black Jack who looked really angry, even with his sunglasses on.

    Mr. Black Jack! Dr. Lawson said nervously. I know it was a bit unorthodox to bring you here to this base but I only wanted to run a few tests on you and I also promise you a real purpose in life
    Test this! Black Jack snarled as he punched him in the face, knocking him down.

    Dr. Lawson was whimpering in pain as he held his hurt face. Black Jack walked towards him and crouched down to him. If you want to keep a promise, then promise me this, he said in an evil tone. Never ever harm these people again. You will make me this promise cos I am the last guy that you want to mess with understand?

    Dr. Lawson nodded, agreeing to keep that promise. Black Jack walked towards the gun that he knocked down and picked it up. Cmon, boys and girls, he said. Lets go.

    Black Jack, Isaac said as he pointed at Machamp and Number Two. What about those guys?
    Leave them, Black Jack replied in moody tone.

    They walked deeply into the oasis. And just to make sure that they dont do any more operations Black Jack thought as he grasped the gun harshly.

    Suddenly, most of the Team Dark base exploded, much to Dr. Lawsons distress.

    At the same time the building exploded, Black Jack broke the gun into pieces. Good thing I dropped a bomb in there while I was looking for the kid, he thought as he tossed the broken parts of the gun aside.

    It didnt take the people long before they found their tents since it was close to the Team Dark base. Everyone thanked Isaac, Max and Meowth for bringing them back to safety while Black Jack sat alone.

    May walked over to him and sat next to him. Black Jack Im sorry, she said.
    For what, kiddo? Black Jack asked in a calmed tone.
    For getting you in trouble.
    Black Jack smiled. Dont worry, kid. I got into troubles bigger than this.
    And I also wanna thank you, May said. For saving my life.
    No problem, kid.
    Is there anything I can do for you?

    Black Jack was waiting for a reply, but to his surprise, May had fallen asleep. He smiled as he carefully picked her up and took her to her tent. He placed her in her sleeping bag so she could sleep through the night. Nighty night, kid, he whispered as he left.

    The next morning, everyone in the group started to pack up their things, except Black Jack who claimed that he doesnt need any paraphernalia. As they packed, May couldnt help but think what Black Jack did the other night just to save her does he love to hurt people just for fun or would he do anything to help others in need, even if it meant hurting others.

    After they finished packing, Isaac went to make an announcement to the homeless. Okay, may I have everyones attention please?

    Everyone looked at Isaac, wanting to know what he had to say. Since everyone of you need to find new homes, I strongly recommend that everyone should follow us and well take you the pokemon center. Theyll have food and drinks and they also have treatment for those in need of medical attention
    Its not that we dont appreciate it, replied one of the poor people. But we prefer to live in this oasis. We want to be connected with nature and pokemon to become one with them.
    I guess we all have different ways with life, May replied. Besides, since that base is gone, these people are safe.
    I tink Jesse would disagree wiv dese people, Meowth said.
    Again, we want to thank you for saving our lives, said another homeless person. We dont know how to repay you.
    Well, er Meowth mumbled.

    Suddenly, Black Jacks fist came down on Meowths head, knocking him down and making his eyes swirly.

    No need, Isaac replied. Youre all safe and happy, thats the rewarding part.

    Everyone said their goodbyes as Isaac, Max, May, Meowth and Black Jack left camp together. As they got out of the camps sight, Black Jacks face turned from a small smile into an evil frown. Team Dark leader, he thought deeply. Youve seen what I have done to that base now lets see if youre as hopeless as they are.

    Meanwhile, a shadowy figure was viewing the screens, this time mainly on Black Jack. Youre due for a loss, sooner or later, he snarled.

    Next episode: Ashs team arrives at the third Team Dark base but it appears to be empty
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