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An official index sticky that everyone posts in? That sounds like the biggest no-no if I ever heard one. Besides if there's going to be a challenge index thread, I would much prefer, no offense, people with decent typing and font formatting to make it look good. Plus it would get locked so that people aren't all up in there posting and what not. I'd have to edit posts though, since once a thread's locked, you can't edit them. I don't know about it though. I'm not seeing the point in it too much. It's not like the fan fiction index thread. Fan fics are in more abundance and they're for reading, not participating. So even the fan fics that are already locked but are on the index (like mine), they're fine since they're purpose is to be read, not to be posted in. The part with the dying/dead challenges could be potential baddies since people like to revive old threads, and then they'd still sit there on the list, just because we have that one category for the dying challenges. Maybe in a different organization, such as sorting them by region/game/misc.

Either way, if this happens, it will not be any time soon. I said that now would be a good time to do it since this place hasn't had a new challenge in weeks, but right now, the idea is just not appealing to me.

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