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Sync! Sync's my favorite god general, soyeah. <3 The ugly guy with the green clothing and purple hair is Rodyle. I hate him very much so. </3

Who's your least favorite Tales of Character?
Tales of Symphonia:
Remiel - I hate this guy. SO much. sooo much. It just annoys the hell out of me, and I've had wonderful times going 'TO KILL REMIEL' whenever Colette says 'Looks like it's time' with my friend and my sister. Such wonderful times!

Kvar - oh hey look! this bastard! yeah i hate him as well. i always, always have Kratos with me when going to beat him. no exceptions. at all.

Rodyle - And the green clothing purple haired guy that Wansen mentioned! I hate his guts as well!

Tales of the Abyss
Moooooooohs - I. hate. this. guy. so. much. That is all!

And now you guys wonder why I love Symphonia when I hate several enemies. Well, that's just the case! I enjoy having enemies that I loathe, because they're so much fun to kill. Abyss' enemies on the other hand... i love most of them and thus i'm just going 'AUGH' when it's time to face them, and that's no fun!

Also, yay Graces F. I would be more excited if I had the console to play it on. But alas I don't and I'm not expecting on getting one for a long time yet. Maybe I can buy it and play it on my cousin's PS3, but idk. I'm waiting for something that I absolutely cannot live without before getting a new console.

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