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    Originally Posted by TrollShammy80 View Post
    Haha nope kept em clean for ya...anyways gonna be doing a LP with a buddy of mine soon I will be able leave ya a link to check em out
    Haha...Really appreciate it! :D

    Oh, an LP?! Sweet! I'll watch it...Just...yeah, leave da link to it once it done. :3

    Originally Posted by digimonqueen View Post
    i'm playing Yang White with a EU ROM, and I'm not gaining ANY exp! it worked for Yin Black, so I don't know what's going on for Yang White. And that's the one I really wanted to try out too. Do you have any solutions? like, do i need to patch it or something?
    Hmmm, well...remember that B/W both got different type of AP, I think.

    I'll suggest downloading a pre-patched rom with the AP already fixed, ya know...The patches will still work, even with a pre-patched rom, trust me...That's what I've been using this whole time.

    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Fair enough. Although, its not as bad as the one in Drayano's hack Sacred Gold and Storm Silver. Instead of getting the Running Shoes from the "Guide Gent", you receive the Old Rod.
    Holy ****..I remember that...Well, actually I didn't think of it at the time.

    But now, thinking back on it; "Guide Gent gives you his old rod"...Does sound rather...sexual. LOL And the worst part about that was...I choose Lyra at the beginning. Dat fresh old ass man... >_<
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