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I'm guessing that Ashley is supposed to be Looker's counterpart (or Looker himself; after all, he did state that it was a codename in Platinum and the B/W series).

While Tristan fit your description of an inept criminal to a tee, Liza seems more like a terrorist or a rogue agent than anything; you don't go into a government building with fifty pounds of Semtex if you're not going to blow the place to hell. The fact that she even got in the Israeli Ministry of Defense building with fifty pounds of Semtex under the Mossad's nose and managed to get out (obviously she did, or she would have been locked away for good - they don't negotiate with terrorists who threaten their homeland, and they sure as hell don't release terrorists that they capture - or killed. They're not picky on either one of those options) tells me a lot about her abilities; they take those threats very seriously. I would say that she's definitely more competent than Tristan is. Hell, I'd even say that she's more competent than the Croagunk; I think it's probably the one with the least amount of intelligence.

The point I'm trying to make is that she doesn't seem like an inept criminal at all, as you mentioned in the first paragraph of the Galactic trio's POV. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you were trying to portray her as such, I honestly don't think that she could have gotten anywhere near an Israeli government building with fifty pounds of Semtex; Mossad would have stepped in immediately and stopped her before she would have gotten close.

I'm very interested in seeing what you do with Pearl's character. I'm truly wondering what she's done to make Team Galactic want to kill her.


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