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This is really starting to get interesting. I'm going to go with a theory that's going to seem really, really weird (and I'm probably going to be extremely wrong, but bear with me here):

Ashley has some sort of connection to Dialga. I don't know where the yellow eyes came from, but I'm figuring that it has something to do with his condition. What is his condition? Immortality or - to be more specific - eternal youth. That's why he's so reluctant to discuss his age, why he's absolutely brilliant, but has never developed his body or maturity past his teenage years, why he's known as "The Diamond". Dialga probably has a hand in it, and that's why Iago follows Ashley. He may not swear fealty to a human, but he'd definitely swear his undying loyalty to one of the most powerful Pokemon on the face of the earth.

Now, how did he gain eternal youth? That's debatable, and I don't have any idea as to how that could have happened at the moment. Perhaps more will be revealed with the plot. What I do know is that Pearl has gotten herself into something that's far beyond her comprehension. Team Galactic wants Ashley and Iago dead because of the fact that both of them are powerful and intelligent enough to screw things up for them. However, Team Galactic wants her dead as well, so she's probably hiding something as well. And now I just got another theory that's even wilder than the previous one. I'll explain that:

Pearl, of course, might be influenced by Palkia in some way. Obviously, the powers aren't there as of now, but it could explain why the Team would target an otherwise-normal college student. ...And I'm going to stop before I go off on a rambling tangent that makes no sense whatsoever.

Liza is an interesting case. Now we know that Team Galactic is merely paying her for her services instead of her joining them because of their goals. Still, she's going over to every abandoned house to search for an object that's unknown to the readers. A part of me believes that she was born in Sinnoh or lived there when she was younger. Another part of me says that it's way too soon to tell. Yet another part of me is telling the other two parts to shut up and pay attention to the story instead of going off on wild theories.

Otherwise, I have no complaints. You've got me hooked.


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