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    Name: Reina
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She's very spontanious, usually deciding to do something on a whim then think it through. She acts polite and considerate around her parents but to her friends she's usually wild and hyper to the point of having to be told to shut up.
    Morphing outfit: Black with light blue sleeves, and a gold star on the back.
    Preferred Battle Morph: Lioness
    Preferred Spy Morph: Fly
    Preferred Bird Morph: Black Kite
    Preferred Aquatic morph: Orca
    Other: Reina has two older twin brothers, one of which is a controller and trying to get the other to join the sharing. Both twins despite looking the same act comptely different. Their father died when Reina was eight, The twins are 2 years older then her.

    Will we get other morphs besides these. Hopefully not ants. *shudders* I doubt that would be a plesent experence. lol
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