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    The Animorphs thread in the ORPL is now the Ooc thread. And you know what, I'm going start now.

    "OH MAN! I'm late!" yelled Jacob. This was not cool. Jacob was late to the introduction meeting he had set up. He was so not going to be a good leader. But Jake gave him this, so he awould do his best. He was riding his bike as fast as he could, in the dark. Though it wasn't really that dark, cause of the street lights. <Why did you set up the meeting time this late? It's almost 9:00.> Tobais asked. He was flying somewhere over head. "Because, I figured it would be a smarter idea to do this at night, in some secluded location," he awensered. "Kind of convinent that there was an abandoned construction site here." Jacob frowned. "You think he had any thing to do with it." <Maybe. He is the all-powerful weakling, the mighty manipulator.> siad Tobais. The Ellimist. The one guy that could end this war forever, right now........but won't. Jacob closed his eyes and shook his head, then heard Tobais yell, <Jacob! Watch Out!> He opened his eyes just in time to see himself slam into a telephone poll. WHAM! Jacob managed to get his shoulder in the way of the impact. Jacob opened his eyes and noticed he was laying on the ground. He looked over to his left and saw the remains of his bike. Man, that was my best and only bike, he thought. He tried to get up, and imediatly fell back in extreme pain. He looked over to his right and saw Tobais staring at him with those pirecing hawk eyes. <Are you okay?> he asked. He tried to get up again, but the pain was just as bad as before. But this time he noticed it seemed to come from his shoulder. "Yeah. I think shatered my shoulder," he said. He started to consentrate on the Hyena D.N.A. inside of him. The first thing he noticed was the pain starting to go away. He could hear his bones reforming, crunching, and grinding. Then his mouth started to push out into the snout of the Hyena. He could feel his teeth and jaw growing into the Hyena's strong jaws. Jaws strong enough to chew through steel. His skin tickeled as the spotted hair of the Hyena grew. Soon he was the Spotted Hyena. <Did anyone see me, Tobias?> Jacob asked. <Nope. Totaly alone. That was pretty risky dude,> he said. Jacob knew it was risky, but he couldn't move at all. With his new Hyena vision, he could see the construction site. He could also see seven people standing outside of it. <I thought I invited twelve people?! Oh well. Better some then none.> He started to move off to a back way, so he could come out of the construction site. He was just behind a wall next to all the people, so he spoke to them. <Hello, future Animorphs. Are you ready to save the world?> He walked out into view of everyone still a Hyena. <You all are needed to save the world. You will all be given the power to morph into any animal you can touch. With this power you will be required to fight an alien invasion of earth.> He gave the big speech, telling them about the invasion, the Yeerks, and how they can enslave people. All while in Hyena morph. He started to demorph back to human. When he was fully human, he asked "You scared now?" He looked everyone over. These are some of the people I talked to? he thought. "Now will you join me, or not? Come back here tomorrow, same time. Don't tell anyone about this. If you do, I'll know." And with that he morphed to Red-tailed Hawk morph, and flew off. He met up with six other birds of pray. <You told them?> asked Jake. <Yep, now we watch them till tomorrow.> said Jacob. <Are we sure this is a good idea?> asked Cassie. <I mean, what if one or more of them turn out to be another David?> Rachel spoke up, <We do to him what we did to David. Execpt this time he get them stuck as a bug of some kind.> <Figures Rachel's the one to say that,> said Marco. <Don't worrie guys, this is solid plan,> said Jacob. <We watch them till the next meeting, and if they do anything bad, we do something about it.> <What if one of them is a Yeerk already?> asked Ax. Jacob froze. He hadn't thought of that. This was bad if one of them was a Controller. He had demorphed in front of them, shown his face. <Maybe we'll get lucky?> But he knew he had screwed up. He wouldn't be supprised if Jake never trusted him with any mission ever again. He wouldn't trust himself with any missions ever again. But what's done was done. If worse came to worse, all Jacob had to do was kill himself to portect everyone.
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