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    What stats are you planning to raise?

    Attack power: I'd train at Victory Road and fight Golurk and Banett. Each gives you 2 attack EV each, and if you have a ghost Pokemon, you can quickly dispose of them while transfering the EV points via EXP share.

    If you want Gible to fight them on it's own, place it in the Daycare until around level 50. Then teach it Shadow Claw, and make it wear Macho Brace (4 attack EV) or the EV power item (I can't remember it's name, but you buy it at PWT or Battle Subway. It gets you 6 attack EV a pop!)

    When 2 Pokemon gain exp in battle, each Pokemon gains the full EV count, and are not divided in any way. So it is in your best interest to use EXP share to EV train 2 Pokemon at one time. Note: the Pokemon using EXP share cannot hold macho Brace or any Power item.