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    Originally Posted by bleri1200 View Post
    So I just got my shiny dratini from Benga :) I'm planning on EVing the Dratini and I have a few questions before I start if you only know the answer to one that is ok.

    1. Is there a way for me to "force" multiscale on to my Dragonite when it evolves? For example can I save before the evolution and if it is not mutiscale I can restart or would that not work?

    2. Do you think I should focus on Attack or Special Attack, I am going for a solo run beast so my two choices are

    a) Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch and Earthquake with a focus on the Attack Stat

    b) Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt and Earthquake/Surf with a focus on the Special Attack Stat

    Please help :) (Keep in mind that Dragonites Sp.A=100 & Atk=134
    For the Battle and EV training oriented...please go to Battle Center...about your question on abilities:

    If your Dratini has Shed Skin, it will evolve into a Dragonite with Inner Focus. If Dratini has Marvel Scale it will evolve intoa Dragonite with Multiscale.

    You cannot manipulate the ability once it is on a Pokemon and all Pokemon follow a set pathway with abilities.