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@Dragonmage: I'm not sure. I'm really good with anything but beginner realms and roleplaying realms.

Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
I would be up for this I played WoW a while back but got bored after all my friends left. I am very much an MMO veteran with about 10 years play over different games.

I am more of a PVPer than anything.

Would have to buy the American version I would Imagine but I don't mind that.
Nah, there isn't an American specific version. The same version of the game sold in America is the same version of the game sold in the United Kingdom. You'd just have to choose the same realm if we want to play together, but those are divided by regions of the world but you can access all of them and play on there if you wish. There are also PvP realms if you'd like to play PvP, but I'm not sure if everyone really likes that.
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