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Have you ever played a great game back then, whether it'd be a Nintendo game, or a PSX game...and wondered why that video game series hasn't appeared on the newer consoles such as the DS, Wii, PS3 and/or Xbox? Either the series got cancelled because of low ratings/fans/purchases, or you think the series deserves a reboot.

An example would be Guitar Hero. I remember it was waaaaay popular back then, and sadly after the release of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Activision ceased development of the series because of dissolution and weak sales. And honestly, I think the series should have moved to the newer consoles.

Here's a link to some games that should return to the main gaming era. Some of these are nostalgic, others may make you think "wtf is this game? lol"

Besides the list I linked above, what are some of the games you played in the past that you think they deserve an appearance in today's video game consoles?
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