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Will the hack focus exclusively on the Sevii Islands, or will players still have to play through the Kanto content in FireRed first? Personally, I think the latter option is a bit of a shame since players will have to essentially play most of standard FR and wait ages to try out the new content. It would be cool for the player to start off in the Sevii Islands so they could actually experience all your hard work first, then you could have FR's Kanto content as the post-game instead. Of course it's up to you, I just figured I'd make a suggestion :)
Huh, I never thought of that. Yeah that might be interesting, but since one of the gyms would be in Lavender Town, maybe the 5th gym could be there. Now that I think about it, I would want this game to take place in the future IE no Team Rocket. So, who could I use for an evil team? Maybe no evil team at all, and it completely focuses on the characters. If there is a team, maybe they're looking for the ruby and sapphire, and what used to be the rocket warehouse could be their hideout.
You would get get your starter from Celio on one island. Now this idea is really developing into something really interesting. My original idea was that you would challenge the gyms after the Celio side quest, but this idea is much better and more interesting.
Edit: Decided to put in an evil team, calling them: Team Delta.
Their goal is to summon Rayquaza and take over the world.
Now all I need is some music. (I am taking suggestions)
Edit 2: Got some music for Team Delta, Chrono Trigger music to be exact.
Edit 3: This is the first video for the game, I had to start over the first time (Overworld sprite problems) and I actually was able to install Touched's mega evolution system, so there's going to be Mega Evolution,.

Also, here is the title screen

Just to show how far this project has come form this simple idea.