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Age 25
Seen September 10th, 2019
Posted September 9th, 2019
So three months later, the original extradition bill that sparked the protests in the first place has finally been formally withdrawn by Carrie Lam, but many feel this is too little, too late at this point, as the protests have spiraled into something much bigger than just this bill. For those who don't know, protests have been centered around 5 demands now - in addition to the withdrawal of the bill, the other four have been:

  • setting up of an independent body to investigate police violence
  • a halt to/retraction of the characterization of protests as “riots”
  • amnesty for those arrested
  • democratic reforms to give Hong Kong residents universal suffrage

The discontent has grown exponentially since the start of the protests and it doesn't look like the withdrawal of the bill now will do much to placate the majority of the protesters. The phrase "五大诉求, 缺一不可" ("five key demands, not one less") has become a big slogan for the protests the past few weeks, and having let the situation come so far, the CCP/Carrie Lam will have to at least address most of these at the very least (lbr they're not going to be met). To my knowledge, she has so far already commented on the independent police investigations and said that will not happen, as it is already being handled by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Council).