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Is your new RP having a slow start?
Has your RP run for a while but needs new players?

This is where you can find them~!

Here, you may post to advertise your own RP. There will be some guidelines though, and please follow them or the moderators will poke you in the eyeball.

- You may only advertise a RP where you are the GM. Thus, only GMs may post here, else we call SPAM.

- No chit-chat, please. If you are interested in a RP that is being advertised, head to their OOC thread to inquire further, or message the GM privately!

- You may only advertise your RP once a week. However, it is really not necessary to advertise a RP every week as standard; only do it when you really need new players!

- There's no universal design for an advertisement post. Simple text, alluring pictures, heavy css... Your creativity sets the limit!