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Just came across this thread and since it's not closed I thought I'd post a link to my current Pokémon RP, which isn't exactly traditional. My apologies if I wasn't supposed to be able to post! It can be found here. I'll post the OOC thread in spoiler tags in case you just want o have a quick glance through it!


POKÉMON: The Darkest Timeline

"Even though I walk through the valley of the
shadow of death, I will fear no evil"
~Psalm 23:4

HEY guys, it's been way too long since I've been active here and I thought why not get involved by making an RP of my own? This has been inspired by an RP I took part in during the Summer of 2012, by {Swan}. It was the most enjoyable and innovative Pokémon RP I was privileged to be a part of. I also want to say a huge thanks to The Last Sentinel for the template (*cough* and understanding how amazing Sylar is *cough*)! I will not be participating myself and will be acting as Game Master. The IC thread should be linked HERE when both threads are released. Rated T for teens as there will be violence throughout.

IT has been 20 years since the events of X/Y have taken place. A group of vile people, known as Team Amethyst, have attempted to capture Rayquaza in the Hoenn region. They were foiled by Landon, the Hoenn Champion and several other trainers. Several years later there was a major disaster in the Kalos region. Yveltal was reborn and the entire city of Lumiose was obliterated, sending shockwaves throughout the Pokémon world. People were afraid, Elite 4 members and Champions had secret meetings to discuss the tragedy. At first Team Plasma were the ones charged for the vile act, however not long after the real culprits came to light.

Team Amethyst, lead by Amara, emerged from the shadows and demanded the attention of the entire globe. In another show of power, Amara had Yveltal destroy Mt. Silver, making transportation between Kanto and Johto near impossible as Tohjo Falls were irreparably damaged. The world had nothing to do but bow down to their new Queen. Unova, being the most powerful region negotiated a treaty with Amara. They had a deal that they would not obstruct each other. However, the other regions fell victim to Amara's tyrannical side and within a few months she had everyone bowing down to her. You either worshipped her, or were locked up, or even killed. In this new world weapons, such as guns, are as commonplace as Pokémon.

In recent times, Archie of Team Aqua, has begun to construct a rebellion. With Giovanni and Maxie assassinated early in Amethyst's dominance, and Lysandre accepting Amara as his leader all seemed lost. However the former Aqua boss concealed himself and managed to survive, long since changing his ways he set out to save the world he so nearly destroyed a long time ago. Along with Shelly, his wife, Archie created A.A.V. or the Aqua Assault Vest, he was insuring he saved the world, or die trying. His location is unknown, however the main base for the A.A.V. is situated where the Safari Zone, located on the west of Cianwood island.

YOUR role will end up being very much up to you. You will have set roles throughout the RP, yet will have freedom to create your own path. If you have any recommendations for your own character, IF accepted then be sure to private message me and we can thrash out some ideas. There will be FOUR spots available for the RP, at least to start with, as I will hopefully be going in depth with each person per chapter. The positions will be listed below;


Amethyst Soldier: You are a low-ranking grunt for the Amythest army, you have had the displeasure of meeting Amara once, and she looked down upon you like the dirt under her Dr. Marten boot. You will be faced with many morale-challenging decisions throughout the Chapters and will have to decide whether to turn on your leaders, or to try rise up through the ranks. How you became a member is your own choice e.g. conscription, to save your family, willingly etc.

High Ranking Rebel: You are a long term friend of Archie, since back in the Aqua days and the great Groudon-Kyogre feud. You kept in contact with your boss, and friend, throughout the time apart and upon the A.A.V. being created, you were among the first to be approached. You will play the role of a leader in the group, and could (should you choose to) take over from Archie in case of need. You may also be the one to sell out your old friend in order to save yourself.

Low Ranking Rebel: You are a newly-recruited soldier and hence, are bottom of the barrel. You have the freedom to be as trained or untrained as you want to be, same goes with competence. You will be expected to put yourself on the line for the good of the cause and will be put in many threatening situations. You don't meet any of the higher-ups during your short time with the A.A.V. before being sent out on your first mission.

Middle Ground: You are uninvolved in the current situation. You are neither an Amethyst member or an A.A.V. agent. You have the most freedom of all members in the RP as you can completely create your character from scratch, whether he/she a sleuth or someone seen as scum and not worth Amethyst's time it's up to you! I would ask you to refrain from joining either side too early but it's your call. Also you *CANNOT* be residing in the Unova region, as that would be little to no fun.

PRETTY basic but still read to make sure!
1) Follow all existing PC roleplaying rules.
2) Please, don't god-mod.
3) Let us know if you'll be inactive.
4) Make your reply as long as you possibly can.
5) I will decide if you capture the Pokémon or not, leave the ball rocking at the end of your comment.
6) You can decide whether the opponent does or does not faint when facing an NPC (which you can battle at any time).
7) When battling another player, please come to a conclusion of who is to win between yourselves. You can even let the match end in a draw. If you cannot come to a decision, then do not have the battle.
8) This roleplay will take place in chapters. You do not need to keep up with everyone else, or be in the right chapter. However it is advised as if you're not you may miss important events and interaction.
9) This roleplay is not based on levels, therefore you can let your Pokémon learn moves at any time, however try not to be unrealistic. However, I will inform you when your Pokémon is able to evolve, then it is your decision if your Pokémon will evolve or not. Once I've let you know your Pokémon can evolve, you can do so at any time. If you want your Pokémon to evolve let me know, if I think you have a good enough reason (e.g. to defeat the Gym Leader) then I will allow it.
10) You may carry around six Pokémon at a time, like in the anime and games. All other Pokémon must be released as the box systems are down.
11) I will most likely be lenient with requests so don’t feel shy to ask about anything you need. If you would like to use a certain Pokémon let me know and I’ll make it available in a suitable location.

Sign Ups
THERE are FOUR slots available at the moment! Reservations are not available and I will select who's accepted ONE WEEK after this post is released!
Name: (Self-explanatory really)

Age: (Any, if High Ranking Soldier the older the better)

Role: (Amethyst Soldier, High Ranking Rebel, Low Ranking Rebel, Middle Ground)

Gender: (Male/Female)

Appearance: (What your character looks like)

Personality: (How your character acts)

History: (Your character’s back story, tell us about how they grew up and where, things they’ve experienced, why they're pro Amethyst, A.A.V. etc.)

Pokémon: (Amethyst Max 3, High Ranking Soldier Max 5, Low Ranking Soldier Max 3, Middle Ground Max 1. No Legendaries, try not to have too many OP Pokémon, two full evos Max)

RP Sample: (An example of previous RP work, if you don't have any then please write an epilogue about your character)

Current Acceptee's
None, as of yet

-under construction
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