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Ofelia Ara Rios

Female • Age 22 (January 16, 1996) • Lunamon

"Oh hey!"


The young adult you see above is a petite 125 lb woman who clocks in at 5 feet 3 inches. However, she is neither well endowed nor owns a warm voice. From her mouth a fun, high pitched voice emanates. Ofelia's skin, always fawn, is on the lighter scale of skin tones for a young female of Hispanic heritage. As a result she is not immune to the pink blushes that plague her when in a strong emotion; unfortunately this also applies to her when too cold or hot.

She dons deep brown hair normally tied up; bun and braids are her norm. With the right lighting a caramel coloring reveals itself, whether as a halo or simply little strands of hair. The thick and frizzy hair just about reaches her waist. Similar to it is the color of her eyes; a warm, chocolate brown. They aren't afraid to unravel her emotions.

Typical attire consists of a rather vibrant and feminine fashion. This includes, but is not limited to, summer dresses, blouse paired with skirts, and skinny jeans with matching shoulderless-shirts. Despite the effort she goes through for matching outfits she refuses to use make up or heels. The former is due to her underwhelming confidence whilst the latter is out of fear of being ridiculed.

Accessories aren't plentiful with Ofelia with the exception of earrings and hair pieces. No bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc. There is a plethora of earrings ranging from small cupcakes to silver hoops. This is no different with hair accessories. Her collection ranges from clip ons, particularly ribbons, to a diverse selection of headbands.


A gullible thing that indulges in sweets. Despite being clumsy, easily amused, and rather emotional, she does carry strengths. Ofelia strives to give it her all in every task, no matter how mundane or trivial. After all, slow and steady wins the race. In addition to this she has shown to be both a fast learner and capable of amazing feats of memorization. But that's as far as she goes, being more booksmart than hands-on.

But like any human the woman does hold bad traits. Cowardice, low self-esteem, naive, and submissiveness. She avoids conflict when possible. And together they reveal a side of Ofelia she desperately attempts to mask with her more desirable traits. In no way does this mean she is timid.

When it comes to interactions the young adult can be quite talkative and expressive when given the opportunity. An open book who, unfortunately, isnt adept at reading between the lines. Therefore many things fly by her without her knowledge, thus one needs to be literal and shouldn't expect her to be anything but either. Furthermore she tends to grow attached rather easily, finding comfort when with company than on her lonesome.

She's all smiles and optimism, always doing her best to see the best out of a situation. This has become her way of coping with the world as well as a recurring mask. For others to see her in such a mood is all she desires over their memories of her being negative. In addition to her patience, Ofelia is capable of handling stress and recurring mishaps in life. That isn't to say she keeps it all bottled in. Her digimon is there to lend an ear.

She is quite the child at heart. One can infer this side of her either by her bed swamped in teddy bears or collection of children's cartoons, for example.

Having grown with her digimon partner for a large, if not perhaps almost all, of her lifetime, Ofelia has grown very close to them. Like the other half of the orange, Ofelia sees in them another sibling she seeks companionship from. They're inseparable; always there one way or another. And as a result has never questioned their existence other than believing she got... lucky. Very lucky to have been chosen to meet such a creature. Keeping them a secret has been no issue, albeit mishaps tend to occur from time to time.


Mario Rios and Anna Veracruz gave birth to Ofelia Ara Rios January 16 of 1996. She was the eldest of three children. Although not spoiled she was definitely showered with praise from a young age due to her advanced academic skills. As a result she became her father's favorite without the man realizing, constantly aiding in her intellectual improvement. Whereas Ofelia kept a perfect record throughout her school years, the remaining two siblings were cloaked in her ever-growing shadow. But unlike some that developed ill feelings, these children gained a feeling of wanting to be accepted and loved by their eldest sibling. They were just as satisfied being engulfed by their eldest's praise than their parents. This resulted in their close attachment to Ofelia, considering her their role model.

Despite this Ofelia was not immune to imperfections. Overtime her parents had realized they may have forgotten to teach her anything but academic excellence. Chores were abandoned, leisure was being spent on games and sleeping, and the child was becoming distant to her own parents. This behavior was at its peak in late middle school and early high school, where she experienced a rebellious stage. Sneaking out of the house was common, exploring romantic desires, acquiring the wrong influences, as well as becoming far too concerned in her image that she had become anorexic. Even though both the experiences from these turbulent times as well as her parents' lectures eventually pulled her back to becoming a better person, albeit not without consequences. She had cut all ties with prior friends, developed anemia, and had tainted her innocent reputation.

Luckily she continued to pursue education past high school, hence the scholarships she had accumulated over the course of her academic history. This was a blessing, for her parents did not need to spend a penny on her college tuition. In fact, she was receiving leftover money in the form of hefty check every semester. This was stored away in a savings account, one that her own father had been depositing cash for her for food, gas, and other needs.

Her first year out of high school was spent in a local community college. As expected she did excellent and then transferred over to a state university several hours away. This forced her to relocate and separate from her family, acquiring a small dorm for one. The reasoning for such an expensive choice of a single person in a room is due to her digimon.

Life in the university was bittersweet. While she enjoyed the sudden freedom, Ofelia was homesick. No matter however, for the young adult partook in visiting her family every other weekend and every other chance she received. Yes, it was quite the drive and gas is not cheap, but once there she enjoyed every minute of it. As if it recharged her to prepare to returning back.

Now at the age of 22, Ofelia is in her last year of uni. Having chosen both a difficult major and minor degree, her education has been slightly extended one year. And as such she didn't hesitate to look for a flexible job. After all, medical school is quite expensive and her scholarships do not cover it.

Currently Ofelia is in her second to last semester in uni. The job she acquired was that of a babysitter to a local single mother of one infant. It pays well, $15 an hour from 3 to 9 PM during the week. But has left her limited in her free time.