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I love it whenever old characters make guest appearances, however, when it comes to Pokemon, I feel like it's almost always a bit Charizard exclusive. He's a great Pokemon, and one of the strongest Ash has, but I kinda just want to see some of his other Pokemon come to follow him on his adventures, rather than just appearing in the league battles, and that's only the stronger ones. I mean, it was great when Aipom joined Ash on his way to Sinnoh, and I'd love to see something similar happen. But yeah, a little less Charizard, and a little more of all of the other of Ash's popular Pokemon.

I love it that both Misty and Brock are returning, I hate that it's only one episode however. I really hated the loss of Brock, because he was such a defining character for the show, since he genuinely cared for Pokemon, which can be seen as he in the end decided to be a Pokemon doctor (or it may just have been to be with Nurse Joy ;)), and I just don't really get the same feeling for Cilan. It may be because I haven't watched quite that many episodes of the fifth generation yet, but I just feel like Cilan was more of a Brock clone, only added to the show for the sake of renewal, however they didn't really get anything out of it, since the character most people want gone is Ash.

But yeah, Brock and Misty should definitely have some more time on the show, and it's certain to give some of the older watchers a sense of nostalgia from the first few seasons.

Edit: Just read through the posts, and that actually makes me pretty sad. Even though I haven't followed the show as much lately, it's clear as the day that a lot of the viewers want Misty and Brock to return, so the least they could do was to give them a guest appearance, not just in form of a flashback. Hopefully it'll come eventually, but so far, it seems not :(
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