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Originally Posted by Eternal Nightmare View Post
You know what

After reading Min-taichos long spoiler...
Has Kubo forgotten about everyone in Hueco Mundo or what? I think it would be cool if Rukia, Chad, Renji, Ishida, and maybe Orihime(lmfao) to help out in this final battle. I don't really think Ichigo can handle Aizen alone. Also the defeated captains and the ones in Hueco Mundo and Vizards when are they getting back into the scene. I hope everyone shows up just to overwhelm Aizen and kick his ass for goood.
I guess I'm the only one who wants

Ulquiorra to somehow come back and help kill Aizen
... Bleh. we can dream XD

and OMG

I wasn't a massive fan of Gin but that doesn't mean you can kill him!

Can't wait till the next one x3

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