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Hey, this is my first hack that I am developing! I can't program, so I will need someone to do that eventually, but I have most of the towns, map, and dialogue written out in my notebook! I have helped out with script and gameplay for a few lesser known hacks. So , about my hack... Devouring Shadows takes place during a time of crisis in a region to the far south of Kalos. A brand new team has risen up in the region of Conch by the name of The Peace Keepers. On the surface, they are a charitable organization. Behind the scenes, however, they are a very dangerous group. Headed by Tobias (the one from the anime), their sole goal is to engulf the entire world in shadows. With Tobias' Darkrai's powers, many notable characters have fallen under Tobias' control, not unlike a cult. Such characters are (from both games and the anime) Gary Oak, Silver, and many more! But, Tobias is not the head of the whole organization, as there is one who stands above him. It is someone your character meets, play to find out! You start out in a nightmare. A light hails from the sky and dissipates the dark clouds. The light reveals itself as Cresselia, using telepathy to communicate with you. Cresselia explains how your region is in great danger, and how you and 2 others have been chosen to stop this. (These other two characters shall be met along your journey.) She asks you for your name, and gender, as a game typically would. You are living in the starter town of the game, known as Ascention Town. There is your house, 2 other houses, your rivals house (whose name is default Brett) , a pokemon center, a pokemon mart, and a pokemon lab. The professor reveals herself as Professor Willow. You will be attacked upon talking to the professor (which is required to exit town) by someone you feel is familiar, but dont recognize at the moment. (This will be revealed throughout the story) You will be given an option of 3 pokemon as a starter, as is tradition, but the starters are different. The three starters are Ralts, Houndour, and Aron. Choose one and battle the mysterious trainer. Win, and you will receive the pokemon which you battled with. You will battle gyms, have a few rivals, and discover many legends and secrets throughout your journey through Conch, and make friends! As you progress throughout the region, you will battle members of the Peace Keepers, and eventually discover their bases throughout the region and discover their dastardly plot. At one point, you will be given the option to join the evil team! This will induce story-branching, and each side is unique! Play on to figure out what secrets this new adventure beholds!Pokemon Gen 1-6 will be included, as will the fairy typing. (no fakemons will be included) Complete with custom map, unique sprites, and battle sequences, this will be one adventure I'm sure youll enjoy! (Alpha planned to be released around August of 2015, Ill keep you guys posted in this thread) Let me know how this hack sounds, and whether youll play it when it's out or not! Thanks guys, this is Brett, signing out.