A mad mind... hehe

Age 28
Seen 1 Day Ago
Posted March 28th, 2019
Eager to Please

The night streets had a nice breeze flowing through them as Gabriel walked along the empty streets. No one was awake at this hour, well, a few were, obviously. He was one of them. There had been times in the past when he had woken up at this hour, sometimes even earlier! It was a past that he left behind when he moved here, but those experience were definitely helping to keep him awake now. He knew that there were bound to be others up at this hour, but for more… ulterior motives than simply heading to work to help their boss out. Most were probably drug runners who would take advantage of the sleeping city to push forth their own agenda. Others were likely thieves who were eagerly slipping into sleeping mon’s houses, or were simply those without a home who lived on the streets. He was more than thankful that he was making enough cash to have a small apartment.

Sure, it wasn’t the best place in the world, what with the cramped quarters, but at least he had someplace to call his own. He made his way closer to the store that he worked at, but instead of taking the front entrance as was usual, he instead used his natural camouflage to blend into the night. He carried no lights on him as he used his arms to hoist himself over a wall and landed right behind the corner store. He was pretty sure that no one had caught sight of him, so he was quick to open up the hatch and slip inside. He closed it behind him and made his way under the store, soon popping up through the exit that led into the store room.

He had a few good ideas whey they were up so early. It was either related to some sort of new employee training that couldn’t be fit in during the day, would be where the boss would go on and tell them about some new shipments that were coming in early today, or that they hadn’t prepared the store yet for the Summer Festival. He had a very strong inkling this meeting had something to do with the last thing on that list. He waited patiently among the rest of the employees as and glanced at the candles that lit up the area. He could smell the peppermint quite clearly and had to wonder just how much peppermint was in here.

He hadn’t expected his boss to straight up tell them the answer to his internal query. As the Mismagius continued his speech Gabriel made sure to listen hard. He had heard that the ghost was a bit hard to work for, but he still had managed to get a job with the guy. He couldn’t afford to not listen and piss off the guy who would be giving him a paycheck for who knows how long! Judging by what Castiel said, it seemed as if the rivals across the street were having their own get together as well. The one thing that did intrigue Gabriel was the fact that no matter how much planning Castiel did, somehow, someway, the other store would be able to either copy their plans perfectly, or perform some close variation of them.

The last word of Castiel’s speech snapped up Gabriel’s attention. So far, his efforts to please Castiel hadn’t been too successful, but he knew that he could use this opening of a mission to definitely get in the ghost’s good graces. Without any hesitation the Weavile’s hand shot up. “I volunteer, sir!” He said quickly. Okay, one little mission. Perhaps to do something to distract the competition, or ensure that they wouldn’t be spying on them? Either way, Gabriel was yearning to see if he could please his boss. He had heard that good employees often got raises, but that was usually because they spent a lot of time in their workplace or proved themselves capable of any task. Well, he would do that today!