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Varien the Kecleon

Mission: Infiltrate Spirited Away

Varien observed the other characters in the room. The Chimecho seemed affected by Amaryllis ignoring her, even though her reaction was minute. He was half-listening, half-observing the Chimecho. He didn't know her name yet, but he knew she was going to be difficult to side with, especially with the next decision their boss made.

So far Amaryllis was blabbering about infiltrating the opposing shop, a mission clearly for him. She pointed somewhere, then mentioned Varien, as the Kecleon. One day she'll regret that. I'll call her "Florges" and see how she likes it... Despite his irritation, he kept his cool, already thinking about what he had to do and how he could do it. Infiltrating the opposing shop should indeed be easy; she was right.

Turning back to the Florges, Varien nodded. He had a little under two hours, to go in, find out what they intended to do, then get out, all unseen. As it wouldn't take him long, Varien figured he'd get to know his acquaintances, looking to get names at the very least.

When he looked back to his right, the Chimecho had already stormed off. With a sigh, he looked to his other side, at the Bidoof, probably waiting for Amaryllis to say something else. The Kecleon extended an arm, almost hesitating. I have to work with ... these folk ... before I can rise up.

"Varien," he said with a smile and sharp tone. He wanted to be confident and smart, yet not conceited. His efforts were probably wasted against a Bidoof, though.