Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

Seen August 3rd, 2018
Posted August 3rd, 2018
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Rina the Chimecho ~ Forget-Me-Not

Location: Forget-Me-Not; underneath a shelf alongside Samuel
Mentions: Samuel, Amaryllis, Spora
Held Item: Basket of accessories...?
Status: Petrified
Rina paled, realizing her mistake at that moment, just as her stentorian cry was beginning to fade. The beast had awoken. They shook their floral mane and bellowed, staggering up from their slumber. Horrifically, her boss lumbered forwards, the faux and impenetrable gaze of the sleeping mask making Amaryllis seem a sashaying zombie, frothing with rage.

“Where’s your common sense?” The reprimand was devastating. Rina felt her figurative heart sink. One rash move, one loud noise, and she’d already plummeted to the bottom of the employment totem pole. The Chimecho, paralyzed in disbelief and self-deprecation, could do little but face her slow-coming, hip-popping doom.

Rina’s impetuous cry had stunned another familiar waste-of-existence too. The dross-colored Samuel had gone and tripped over his flashy little tie, stumbling into her tail and knocking her basket straight from Rina’s grip. The Chimecho stifled a squeal of horror as the scales and ribbons went tumbling out of the freshly-spilled basket. Oh, of course! How convenient! And the Bidoof had the temerity to force out a bumbling apology, looking up at her as if he were locking eyes with her father; a Ghost.

Amaryllis’ frightening arrival gave Rina little time to do anything but shoot Samuel an accusatory glance with a sharp turn of her polished head. Then, the boss was waving their arms in both of their faces, going ”Come, come!"

What does she want, the boss? What does she want!? Bewildered, Rina moved backwards some, saying nothing, for she hardly knew what would mollify this frantically-flouncing Florges.

Soon came the big reveal of what lay beneath the mask, though it should have come as no surprise. Rina still cringed nonetheless at the look of her manager’s enervated, sunken expression, deep-grey eyes flitting with rage. There was something else coming, Rina could feel the build-up like a storm on the horizon. What was next, she wondered, and why did she so earnestly dread it, whatever it may be? Fortunately, the signature look never came. The beast went mild, spontaneously. She seemed to be distracted by something…

"Oh, just look at that! Look at this basket and all these darling little things in it!" Rina nearly choked. All the beautiful contents of her basket were strewn at Amaryllis’ mercy. The Florges’ mood had changed entirely as she eyed them with adoration. Her swooning made the Chimecho sick. The boss had not the faintest idea which of them had spent all of an hour gathering every approachable scrap they could find, which employee was the hard-working amongst a fool and some other. Rina knew, she knew very well, but excruciatingly enough, she could not bring herself to speak out. Her words stuck steadfast in her throat and, for some unfathomable reason, she hesitated at the sound of Amaryllis’ question…