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@WolfOfEve: Even Koko the gorilla was incapable of conversation. I don't know of any instance of an animal doing so. The language barrier is simply too strong. Imagine a race of aliens that speak in a manner so strange our vocal cords can't physically imitate them properly. Now try imagining to learn that language through a foreign language based off of rhythmic dance moves with absolutely no translators, and this is also the largest language you've ever heard of, dwarfing any human language easily. All you've got is one of the aliens for a trainer.

It's just a hilariously daunting task, to an extreme even.

But yeah.

@SSJ3 Pikachu: Pryce is in fact open~ Glad you asked! Also, the minimum length of posts is currently 100 words. That's a Roleplay Corner wide rule, so.

@ShinyDiamond: Uh... o3o

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~