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    Originally Posted by SeventhSon View Post
    Im using 3.61 patch... when i get to the pidgeot and fearrow fight (and end it) im supposed to go to "rute 1" and follow the river (according to Prof Oak) ... anyways, the river dosnt take me to where its supposed to, is it the end of the game? cuz according to beta 3.5 it should contain the following charpters also
    BETA 3.5

    A Scare in the Air
    Poké Ball Peril
    The Lost Lapras
    Fit to be Tide
    Pikachu Re-Volts
    The Crystal Onix
    In the Pink
    Shell Shock!
    Stage Fight!
    Bye Bye Psyduck
    The Joy of Pokémon
    Navel Maneuvers
    Snack Attack
    A Shipful of Shivers
    Meowth Rules!
    Tracey Gets Bugged
    A Way Off Day Off

    Just wondering.. thanks =3
    Well the chapters you mentioned will be included in the new beta of this hack because these chapters are all related to the orange islands and Metapod has only made the anime chapters related to the Kanto region and First vSeason of the anime...
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