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Originally Posted by Wings Don't Cry View Post
I wish I didn't know basic Japanese then this would be so much funnier. Either way it's nice to see what the game is like but are you going to finish this before the English version comes out?
That is a good question. I'll only ever be aiming to 'finish' the first part as there's a lot of post-game content (as in far more than the main 'story' offers) but whether I can do all those parts or at least most before June 18th is another question, especially with uni and all.

Nonetheless, challenge accepted.
Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
The best thing is that these captions will be perfectly valid for the English release as well.
They should get me to translate the game for them. =p
Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
Oh jeez this was so funny ;_; "Everyone loves numbers!" Keep it up!
I shall try! Cheers for the comment!

This is a longer update in an attempt to try and get at least a decent amount of this done before the American release! That's right - this is coming out in the US, June 18th. (And hopefully other countries not long after). Maybe it is also as a celebration of that announcement? You decide. Also there may be a couple/few updates this week seeing I have a week off from uni (but not life and uni assessment tasks).

Part 3: The Invaded becomes the Invaders
Or Bashing Woopers and exploring land of fires.


This place also has Pokemon containing numbers to beat up! =D


What is your problem now

What what is it

No you cannot just drink that water

I, uh...poisoned it.





It sure is guarding that present well.

Whelp I guess this will be quite easy if it can only do TWO DAMAGE

Oh stop complaining about a bit of water

That's right, toughen up, or you'll never be as cool as Douche McNinja.

YAY the meowth is defeated!

Now... uh, Eevee, can you climb waterfalls?

Wait what

Yay second present!

What no Eevee don't EAT THE PRESENT


No Jiggly

Don't slap that Wooper

Grab the present, and make sure to not-

Oh whatever.

Ninja Wooper?

It's getting stronger

Luckily it was only temporary.


There's only one so I guess Eevee did eat its present. >:[

Noooo not another question

Now it's number three

What it mean

I wasn't asking you, go away.

Yes, I am a ninja. =)

Why do you look so angry =(

Do you want to be a ninja too?

Stop looking so surprised

Yeah I guess she does look kinda stupid

Whatever I'm just going to go beat up more things

And get more presents

Present get! Now don't eat it.

Violence is fun!

Not like that, silly mouse thing, you're supposed to be hurt, not the Jiggly!

That's more like it.

I like it when they drop presents, but where did it come from? =/

Oh well no time for questions, only time for presents.

Hurrah, none were eaten this time!

And now it is a 1 and a 4. Meanwhile fire region is still burning and those guys are still there.

Hey maybe they have presents there too?

Eh, even if there's only two of us and three of them let's go!

Holy heck more fire

Hi, yeah, I'm sorry about your house. Want any help?

Oh right, thanks for reminding me. Sorry Mr man but we're too busy looking for presents at the moment, maybe another time?

Why are you laughing =/

Do you know where presents are?

Yes, presents, you knows, things in boxes containing emeralds and gems and pet ducks.

Wait what I didn't want this

Oh god what happened your poor house

Why would you even live here no wonder you were trying to steal my fruit

I kinda feel bad now

What an ugly monkey

Hi macho man!

Okay anyways can we not fight I don't like lava it's kinda hot and burning

And hurty

Okay you're kinda weird with all that laughing now

Yes yes I am sure you have very nice muscles

Stop shouting I don't understandddd

Fine if it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get!

Ow stop that

No I don't want to take a bath right now

Yeah, I know... the presents are behind the towering fires of doom there. =(

Maybe you could put them out with your face for me?

I think I'm winning

Hey you wanted to fight in the first place after setting the presents on fire


Okay I guess he's still happy

How long does it take to eat a piece of fruit seriously

No stop putting Eevee on fire

Frankly I think you have more than enough things on fire as it is!

Hey why did your monkey gain health

That's cheating!

Stop talking macho man

Oh dear, Eevee is getting low on health already...

And then Macho man's bidoof hits Jiggly and it makes some strange noise =/

Luckily a giant rock fell from the sky and hit Tepig

I don't even

What Jiggly where did you go

Don't tell me a rock hit Pimp Jiggly too...

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!


Hurrah, it fainted!

Now go and get some health from that water spot

Did you drink all the water Eevee? That's not how baths work

I guess you really are thirsty =/ Hang in there though... even if those two are ganging up on you...

And then another rock knocks out the Bidoof.

Poor Macho man, but it probably saved Eevee! I guess it's better slate than never.


He still looks kinda happy/amused...

Oh no Eevee is floating into the air catch him Douche McNinja!

Yay percentages!


Well you shouldn't have tried to fight me!

YAY everyone who matters is happy

Namely me

Where did you come from

Yeah that probably sums up my expression

Minus the Eevee

Stop boasting that you've been working out

Go talk to Macho man

Another question will this also make the numbers change just makes this mini-eevee appear and try to speak to us. Sorry, still don't understand you.

1 AND 5

Let's go see if there's any part of fireland that isn't, well, on fire next time.