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    From Serebii

    Originally Posted by Serebii
    Japanese magazine CoroCoro has leaked and has provided some further details on the upcoming Genesect WiFi event, which goes live this weekend. CoroCoro has provided what could be the moveset of the Pokémon with the moves being; Techno Blast, Signal Beam, Magnet Bomb and Solarbeam. Its hold item and level are still currently unknown
    Originally Posted by Pokejungle
    CoroCoro’s September issue has leaked on 2ch and we can see in the screenshots that Genesect’s moveset is:

    Magnet Bomb
    Signal Beam
    Solar Beam
    Techno Blast
    No details on level or held item. Download will start Saturday for Black 2/White 2 owners (JP). Enjoy!

    So we already have the Genesect Download event. Pokejungle listed the downloaded attacks, or at least what may be its downloaded attacks. Those of you with Japanese games are so lucky XD