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Well, at least some people read it, or accidentaly click on it. I thought I might post two of my other poems here. I don't think they're better than the one above, but here they are anyway.
This Me
Hate I feel not
Nor joy, sorrow
Only this nonexistance
Your love is all
I ever wanted
I lose that which matters most
You turn away
I betray you
With this me that I am not

Heart defeated
Sanity gone
Now we walk
Alone, forever

I still love you
Though you say don't
And if I find peace
I never forget

And another one...

Sunset Morning
I awaken
To this dark grey song
Waiting for you
To lighten the sky

Screaming with my pain
You wander alone
Wishing for the day
To take away fear
Haunting broken worlds
Burn the eyes of the weary
Loving those that hate
And the calm sea dies

The pale sky turns away
Your eyes give the night away
Bleak sadness, my anger
Bottled into the sunset's heart
Fighting several armies
When no one is there

And a cold voice sings
To my dying soul
A failing attempt
At destroying the empty

As I awaken
The sun hides its face
Not out of fear,
But of its burden's hatred
Yet as I sleep
The sun whispers
"Never the end"
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