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Get ready... there's quite a few poems this time. I like each of these a lot, and some of them rank among my favorite poems that I wrote.

Parting Gift
I give to you know
The gift, wings to set you free
Though I may grieve
I shall never see
Your face, the light in your eyes
My soul cries out

You leave
Not out of betrayal
But of your empty heart
That longs for the home you have not
So I will weep, I will fall
But I will save you from this sadness
Take these wings
Use them to escape the dark
My heart may be torn
But I do what I must

Take my heart
This gift of our parting
Fly away, away
For the fufillment you seek
I stay here
The cast-off burden
Farewell, beloved one
Only silence I speak

Parting Gift has less structure than anything else I have ever written. I wrote purly from the heart on this one, and I've never changed the original.

Parting Gift II
Words on a burning sheet of paper
A message to bring some hope
Unnatural seeds of sadness
She sheds tears for her lost home
Despairing she screams at the sky
A pathway back to her life
I silently watch the rainclouds
And see her face staring back

Lost without a home
In dying lands of pain
I fall heavily
Like frozen drops of rain

As darkened skies fade to nothing
The rainclouds unleash their wrath
And as the world drowns in evil
Arrogant, her demons laugh

Through the bleeding rain
She flies throughout the air
Safe, yet still she weeps
To wish away the pain

Parting Gift II is, indeed, the sequel to Parting Gift. I someday intend to create a third installment to the Parting Gift trilogy. I didn't want to merge the two existing ones into one poem, because I think that would mar the beauty of each poem a little.

K, this one is exceedingly dark, perhaps even more than Eyes of the Ghost or Fade. Just a warning.
The Voiceless Eve
Alone, the daybreak watches
As the dim grey descends
Engulfing the world in darkness
Indifferent to the end
Falling, the unfortunate fate
A dark and endless death
Hungering for the void
Awaiting the voiceless dread

They try to scream
But they choke on their despair
The ageing eve
Lost the light that gave it strength
A tearful seed
Sheds its final tears for them

I wish I had more to say for this one, but this is just one I don't feel has a lot. I kinda forced this one, but its easily the best one I've ever forced. (I usually don't finish the ones I've forced.)

The night whispers
As the sun creeps away
Lullabies for the sick
Medicine for the broken
I can't see you
But a faded silhouette
Beckons me to its side
Hungering for my pain

As broken giants feel the dark
Slipping in inside their hearts
Demons cry and angels sing
And the nothing becomes everything

My shortest poem, I think. I don't have a lot for this one either. This one wasn't forced, but it wasn't really all that heartfelt.

Well that's it! I've finally put up all my good poems that aren't about suicide! You've read my best works.

So far.
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