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Two new poems of mine. Well, one of them is kinda old, but I found it last week and revised it, so it counts as new.
Castle of Ruins
Break the chains
Only to chain myself again
Stronger, unbearable
Each chain, a lie, false hope
Imprisoned by each
World I never saw
Only could hope for
Though I knew I would never find

As I watch the burning
I reach for the ashes
They fly further away
And deny me their warmth

Endless strife
The world takes our blows
We destroy the house we call home
Once a glorified kingdon
Its towers stood tall
Others still see it
But I only see ruins

In Loving Memory
Far away
I hear the screams of those in fear
Death among them
As autum leaves fall again
The red blood
Masked by the many dying leaves
And the dark demons return

Fill the ocean with your tears
A sunken hope
To ever see you again
Freezing waves
Wash every red stain from the beach
I see you
In only loving memories

A blue cloud
Blocks the sunlight from your eyes
As islands
Slowly sink into the sea
Broken words
Fill the pages with black dust
A shadow
On this loving memory

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