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Originally Posted by FenrirDarkWolf View Post
I know how that feels.
I once fell for a guy, and his younger sister...
I bet that was an awkward situation.

Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post
I've always wondered how it feels to be bisexual. I just can't/don't feel any physical or romantic attraction towards females (no offense to females.. you're all beautiful <3) at all, even if I tried.

I just can't imagine liking both sexes. That'd be too hectic for me lol.
I wouldn't say it feels any more 'hectic' it's just nice I guess. When I was young I assumed I was straight, as I'm sure most people do. At around 14 or so I started finding myself attracted to girls, and with many late-nights sneaking onto the computer for some experimenting with lesbian porn google, I came to the conclusion that I was a lesbian. It felt weird obviously as I was still young and naiive, however I came to accept it.
That was until I had my first experience with a guy; and I realized; 'Maybe i'm not gay after all'

I was 17 before I actually realized I was bi, and boy did it simplify things.

Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Goshdarn you youthful libertine types, making me feel so inadequate XD

How do you perceive the body odour of the gender you're attracted/not attracted to?
I'm not sure I fully understand what youre asking but I'll answer anyway;

I'm not sure whether it's because I'm attracted to both genders, but I find smell of another person to be wonderful usually, be it a male or female person. Obviously though, if you don't shower for a week you're not going to smell good regardless of your gender.

I find guys generally smell 'muskier' or have a stronger smell, and girls usually have a more subtle scent. Either way the only time I've really ever noticed and appreciated the smell of another person is either sleeping together, or during moments of passion.

Mayhap it's simply part of infatuation.

In addition to what I mentioned earlier about monogamy; I've only ever felt like i've fully loved someone once, being my current partner.
Since I've been with her, I've found myself less emotionally attracted to others, of either gender. My physical attraction to either gender hasn't changed.

I guess that's probably some sort of natural, monogamous instinct.