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    Originally Posted by Somniac View Post
    Congratulations! I'm sure most of us here know how hard that can be, especially to a peer rather than an adult. Glad he seemed understanding, he clearly cares for you as a brother which is great.

    I always wished I had an older brother, I think it would have been pretty cool.
    Yeah, he's kinda stupid sometimes, but I love the poor lug.
    Both he and his girlfriend understand, and they both have a metric ton of bi/gay friends.

    Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
    Congrats! I would tell you the same thing, you can't trust older men. My girlfriend's ex being one year older scared the crap out of me and is still unsettling. But I guess my ego was at stake :P

    What's it like dating someone older? or younger? I can't imagine myself doing either.
    Well, it's pretty much the same as dating someone whose the same age. Especially with him because I believe I'm his first...
    But I love him so much, but, the distance kills me...
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