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    I groaned. "You guys keep on to the Flower Garden. Ill handle him." They both nodded. I jumped off of Golurk.

    As I plummeted towards the ship, I threw out Salamance's poke ball. As I landed on his back, I called, "Bring me lower so I can jump onto the deck!" We went into a free fall, then at the last second, he pulled up expertly and landed lightly. I hopped off. "Who are you to think you can stop me?," he sneered. "You cant prevent excellence!" I rolled my eyes. "Lets skip the capture and evil monologue and go straight to the part where I kick your sorry butt." He glared at me and picked out a poke ball from a belt around his waist. "A one on one battle. I win, you take me to Shaymin. You win, I'll never bother you, your friends, or Shaymin again." "Deal."

    We threw our poke balls. Walrein appeared on his side of the field while Gallade appeared on mine. I smiled. So predictable. "Walrein, use Ice Ball!" A ball of water formed in front of him and hardened into ice. Oh, no you don't. "Mach Punch!" Gallade's fist glowed red and he vanished. He showed up in front of Walrein and, well, punched him. He flew backwards past Archie and hard into the side of the ship. He struggled to get up. "Let's end it. Leaf Blade!" Gallade's arm blades grew longer and glowed green. He charged towards Walrein. He flips forward and brings his blades down on top of Walrein. There's an explosion. Gallade jumps back to reveal Walrein knocked out.
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